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  1. rxs1407

    Carbon Interior

    I sell Carbon Fibre for motorbikes, and as such have a fetish.. I looked inside a S4 and saw CF trim... Said to saleman i NEED that on my car, cant have it... S4 only !! So has anyone covered there trim?? Or can u buy repalcement ones in CF?? As i'm not a lover of the 3M cover, still looks...
  2. rxs1407

    Stitching Advise

    Just ordered new A4 Avant Black Edition in white. Do i go for white stitching or black for the seats??? Was worried the white would like dirty in time?? Thanks for views.. Dodge
  3. rxs1407

    Ordered New A4 Avant

    Hi.. I havent been on here for sometime.. I had an A3 07 plate and fitted an armrest and found loads of people very helpfull.. So i changed the A3 for a A4 09 plate, 2.0 tdi Sline Avant.. Loved the car but wanted a change So i ordered this week a A4 Avant Sline Black Edition in white.. With a...
  4. rxs1407

    Folding Mirrors

    Does anyone know if u can retro fit the folding mirrors to the Audi? Thanks Dodge
  5. rxs1407

    Phone Advice

    Got the new A4 today and tried to use the bluetooth phone, it connected and worked, but i couldnt get the contacts in the car?? The phone is a Vodafone HTC diamond.. I'm going to have a read of the audi handbook, but wondered if there was any forums or pages on here that has covered this...
  6. rxs1407

    Audi A4 2009 Black Grille

    I'm back after sometime, got rid of the A3 and bought an A4 Sline 2009 today... Is it possible to get a black grille for the 2009 A4 sline? Also can u buy after market privacy glass? Glad to see the forum is still going...... Dodge
  7. rxs1407

    Lost It

    So i posted on here sometime ago about how much engine oil my new 2.0 tdi might use, well on a trip back from Warwick today my dash came to lif saying low oil. So i got the bottle of oil out the boot and the oil was on the low mark on the dipstick, so i put some in. then i knocked the oil...
  8. rxs1407

    A6 Allroad Towhitch

    Does anyone have any pictures or details on the towhitch for the Allroad?? Thanks Dodge
  9. rxs1407

    A6 Allroad DVD

    A good friend of mine has just bought a 2006 06 A6 Allroad. It has DVD based Satnav fitted, can you play DVD's on this? Also the TV prep, do you need to fit an additional part for the TV to work? Does it work at all speeds? if not can you adjust it to work at all speeds.. Thanks Dodge...
  10. rxs1407

    Black Trim Around Gear Stick & Ashtray

    Looking for some advice, when hoovering the car at the weekend, i scratched the black trim around the auto gear stick and the ashtray cover behind that. What the best way to remove them???? Thanks Dodge
  11. rxs1407

    A3 07 Engine Oil

    This A3 is my first diesel, i've read a few post on here about the oil and it seems it does drop?? Well i've been checking mine since Feb 07 when i got it and it hasn't lost any at all. is this right??? Our Jeep GC 2.7L is just the same, so why do some drop and other not??? Thanks Dodge
  12. rxs1407


    When getting the tyre swapped this morning, i pulled the drivers side carpet mat out to get some dirt of it. Then i noticed the stud that holds the carpet in place wasn't there... it was stuck to the underside of the mat. So i'm guessing the other part is under the carpet?? Does anyone know...
  13. rxs1407

    A3 Tyre

    Got up this morning and found a screw in the back drivers side tyre. So after a trip to local centre i'm £123 lighter... Is this a good price?? they fitted the same make and size as the original.. Thanks
  14. rxs1407

    Scratches On Alloys

    When i cleaned the car at the weekend, i noticed that the alloys do have a large amount of scratches/lines over them. The car is a 07 plate, so not that old, what is the best way of cleaning and removing these?? Thanks Dodge
  15. rxs1407


    Not sure on this but here goes.. I have the A3 Sportsback S-Line 140ps STronic and love it, it's not the T5 i used to have, but drives well and isn't that slow.. But when i put it into reverse first thing in the morning on when it's cold, it's so slow i could walk quicker... The car seems...
  16. rxs1407

    A3 First Aid

    Does anyone have the part number for the first aid kit for a A3 Please? Thanks
  17. rxs1407

    Hill Hold

    Just been out in the car and for the first time since having it found something i don't like. Being an old Volvo driver, you stopped on a hill with an auto and the car held it's self or went forward. My new A3 rolled back and scared the **** out of me.... So is this normal?? Do you have to...
  18. rxs1407

    TomTom Mount

    I know all the stories about leaving the TomTom sucker on the windscreen and people breaking in. But is there another place you can put the screen mount in a A3?? Will it mount to plastic?? anyone made or bought a different mount. As i thought it might be worth no trying to hide it, but keep...
  19. rxs1407

    Parrot CK3200

    Anyone bought and tried one of the Parrot CK3200's?? Like the look of them, but do they work as well as the 3100 and do they support the phones that the 3100 does? Thanks
  20. rxs1407

    Should I Or Not??

    Just cleaned the new car, and it does look good now.. Does the A3 look **** with mudflaps?? I'm used to Volvo's and most of they do have mudflaps, but i haven't seen any A3's with them?? So what do they look like?? Any views welcome.. Also looking for good mobile phone fitter in the...