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  1. Masterm8fo

    Help needed coding near dartford

    Can someOne please help I need to code my car today or tomorrow for puddle light install. Dartford area Cheers
  2. Masterm8fo

    Space saver wheel - will it fit 2001 A3 ?

    Will this fit my grlfrnds car ? Audi A3 VW GOLF MK5 EOS 18" SPARE WHEEL SPACE SAVER!! | eBay She has my old 2001 A3 T sport. Can anyone tell me if it will fit and run OK in emergecies (as she had this mrng with no spare!) Car is running on older RS4 18inch copy wheels. Cheers
  3. Masterm8fo

    Cruise retro-fit by DannyKn9

    Just had this fitted by DannyKn9 from the A3 section. Top bloke and good quick install at my house Highly recommended- Many thanks. No idea why Sanspeed told me needs binary coding that takes hours to do as just used vcds. Alll sorted - now for my light pack....
  4. Masterm8fo

    Cruise Control on 09 B7 - Binary Long Coding ?

    Does anyone know much about this ? I just called Sanspeed, Bexley and told they cant do it and would have to go to main dealer. I wanna get cruise control and seen correct stalk and cowling at v good price. Thanks,
  5. Masterm8fo

    Modulite DRLs ? Anyone got these and any idea if they wud fit my car? I know some arent fans but i was disappointed to find my car didnt hace the LED lights on front when i bought it idea if it fitting in the foglight unit seems cool... cheers
  6. Masterm8fo

    Audi bexley damaged my car now trying to get out of it

    Too my car in this morning for first service... Got home noticed some marks over the passenger wheel arch had them on phone and they claiming they were already there and that i signed to say they were unreal... they want me to go and let them inspect it in daylight today so their...
  7. Masterm8fo

    Red Light Cameras - anyone got exp ?

    I suspect I might,,,might have been done this morning on red light camera. I looked at lens of what I believe to be a camera at a junction...might have been single flash..or might have been a reflection of light.... Im on 9 points so a little paranoid. If it was a was a lot...
  8. Masterm8fo

    How to change rear screen with S3 spoiler fitted

    Anyone got any ideas ? G/frnds car (my old A3) now has broken rear screen. Autoglass came out but claimed could not fit new rear screen as S3 spoiler is fitted. I wasnt there when they came out. The spoiler will not come off without ruining the paint - it has been mastic'd on and is...
  9. Masterm8fo

    What size tyres are on my A4 cab ?

    Silly question...but need to order them this morning and was in rush and didnt look. Can anyone tell me the size ?
  10. Masterm8fo

    S Line button ?

    I saw an S-Line button on this site where they offer Aux-In on RNSE...anyone know what that does ? Audi Retrofit
  11. Masterm8fo

    2009 A4 daytime lights - what bulbs ?

    I want to change the bulbs in the daytime lights on my car as they are very dim - id prefer brighter white/blue bulbs is this possible ? what bulbs are they ?
  12. Masterm8fo

    My New Car...A4 Cab '09 2009 A4 2.0 T S-line Special Edition - Black Leather Bose Sat Nav etc. Black Alloys Last black one in UK I believe.... Anyone know what alloy pedals will go on this ? RS4 ? I viewed 2 - one with alloy...
  13. Masterm8fo

    Alloy pedals on my new A4 Cab 2009

    Hi, Just got myself a 1 year old Phantom Black 2009 A4 Cab S-Line Spec Ed. Very happy with it. I viewed 2 and noticed the first one has alloy I bought does not. How can I get these ? my car B7 or B8 ? Il post pics if someone can tell me how (the site does not...
  14. Masterm8fo

    AVS 60k service indicator reset

    I know similar has been posted but...... i took mine to AMD for a 3rd AVS service 3 months ago at 56k - service indicator was asking for it and the service indicator only went upto 12300 after another 1500 miles post service and is now on its way back down i dont drive the **** out of it and...
  15. Masterm8fo

    spare wheel ?

    Hi just recently got myself some 18inch RS4 reps and sold the original 16inch wheels including the spare. now i need to get either a space saver or another RS4 rep for my spare does the RS4 rep in 18inch fit in the back ? i think the space saver would be cheaper option but where from and how...
  16. Masterm8fo

    how much for 16inch competition alloys ??

    how much can i get for 5 Audi 16inch competition alloys with Michellin Pilot Primacy tyres all round ? one of the alloys is brand new and the tire has done only 200 miles the others are in pretty good condition with very minor nicks and have 4mm left on each was thikning of listing them on...
  17. Masterm8fo

    AVS or inspection service ?

    Hi, Can anyone tell me what the difference is between the 2 please ? I think the AVS is with longer service intervals (>20k miles) and long life oil ? Inspection service is annually carried out with standard audi spec oil ? is this correct ? also after having an AVS service what should the...
  18. Masterm8fo

    shuddering in 1st /2nd gear on cold start

    past few days iv noticed my car has been shuddering in 1st and 2nd on startup in the mornings - I can give it throttle and similarly to when my MAF went, it seems to delay on fueling and then comes and goes - although it goes after engine is warm doesnt sound like it misfiring like coilpack...
  19. Masterm8fo

    topgear download

    anyone know where i can get these from ??? am after the veyron episode as i missed it thanks
  20. Masterm8fo

    NOkia Bluetooth

    anyone got Nokia N70 ??? im thinking of upgrading to it and want to use if with my SE handfree kit ? anyone know if they work well together ?