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  1. phil g

    B8 passenger door lock issue

    Hi I had the same problems with passenger door lock what worked for me is you need a second person when door is closed pull outer door handle to open and inner door handle too open at the same time
  2. phil g

    Unfixing Emission Recall

    anywhere in the northwest does it ?
  3. phil g

    Heater blower

    i think you shoud take it straight back to audi
  4. phil g

    What did you do to your audi today

    had my Windows front and back lights tinted sweet
  5. phil g

    Aux Air Heater Element Recall

    just had mine done 2 day audi bolton got courtesy car job done no probs but they found an exhaust clamp broken want £109 to fix er no thanks local indy here i come .
  6. phil g

    key fob/starter problem

    my a4 12 plate as the same problem done it for last 16 months thats how's long i have had it keep thinking its me not pushing the clutch in far enough ?
  7. phil g

    Looking to begin some upgrades..

    paint them if they are bad just didn't like the chome on mine black look miles better only my opinion tho
  8. phil g

    Time for new tyres...

    michelin pilot sport 3
  9. phil g

    wheel spacer

    hi all thinking of put 5mm wheel spacers on all 4 corners on my b8 just wondering if my standard wheel bolts will be ok ?
  10. phil g

    Allroad rear lower valence "cutout"

    hi there mines a a4 b8 2012 and add a cut out to looks sh@t. my mate works at audi he said its for a tow bar and they dont do a cover for it i put some black mesh over it on mine looks better now
  11. phil g

    Exhausted :-)

    sorry boys not a fan of chrome tips change mine to black
  12. phil g

    Heated seat switch position

    i agree much cleaner down on side of seat will just look like an add on the console
  13. phil g

    A4 B8/8.5 front grill black badge

    got mine matte ones off eBay front n back £15 gross were same price perfect fit
  14. phil g

    LED number plate bulbs- bargain

    a lot better than yellow looks good
  15. phil g

    tinted rear lights

    not on a car lol
  16. phil g

    tinted rear lights

    sweet that pal is it spray or foil ?
  17. phil g

    tinted rear lights

    come on boys let's get on the business it's getting a bit weird
  18. phil g

    tinted rear lights

    come on Zafi you cannot be serious!!!
  19. phil g

    tinted rear lights

    hi guys just wondering what your thoughts are on rear light tints anybody done this if so pics please thinking of doing this myself ?