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  1. Smithymartyn

    A3 2006 Sline - Black Optics Grill

    Hi, Please can you advise the part numbers for the Sline Black optics Grill, Number plate plinth and any other relevent parts. Also, can you provide a quote with and without postage? Many thanks Martyn
  2. Smithymartyn

    Error Code: Intake Manifold Runner Control: Deviation

    Hi Mate, I can't comment on the dpf as fortunately had no issues, but have had same fault so possibly not linked. Similar scenario to you on a 56 plate 170 Quattro. Had a P3138 code (glow plug light flashing). I ended up having to have a new inlet manifold after being fobbed off by the the...
  3. Smithymartyn

    Haldex Humming

    I had a similar fault, so feel yer Haldex 'pain.' When accelerating in a higher gear, I had a loud 'booming' noise coming from the rear diff. In the end, I had to have the Haldex coupling bearing replaced, a kind of donut in shape. Went to the steelers as had only recently purchased the car...
  4. Smithymartyn

    Offered Quantum Remap - Any thoughts/advice?

    Thanks guys. No issues with dpf at min (touch wood). May have to weigh up costs of removal too... Quantum reckon 200bhp with the smooth delivery.
  5. Smithymartyn

    Offered Quantum Remap - Any thoughts/advice?

    Hi All, Just had car serviced (2006 Quattro 170pd Sline) and been offered a Quantum remap ( Quantum Remap - Petrol & Diesel Engine ECU Remapping & Chip Tuning) for around £250. Lion Garage Hinckley (reputable VAG idependent) have recommended and I am seriously considering, but a little...
  6. Smithymartyn

    Loosing the plot! HELP WANTED PLEASE - ESP, ABS, Red Steering Wheel, Handbrake light

    My alternator failed recently (fortuntately only frayed belt and some sort of bracket). This resulted in limp mode, loss of power sterring, dashboard like Blackpool illuminations. May be worth a check? Good luck fella..... 170tdi, Quattro Sportback
  7. Smithymartyn

    A3 170TDI glowplug light on dash

    Mine did the same, intermittent and no loss of performance. Ended up having to have it's second Inlet Manifold intake motor as the flaps were sticking. £353 job at the stealers!! Best bet is get it scanned as may be something simple.... Good luck.
  8. Smithymartyn

    Hesitation - Fuel Filter housing (170 tdi)

    Hi all, Well, after having issues with hesitation/jolting whilst my motor has been accelerating (2.5k - 4k rpm), I decided to have a go at changing the fuel filter. So, I undid the Torq screws on top, slowly lifted out the top and filter. Whilst doing so, the small plastic pipe that the filter...
  9. Smithymartyn

    Fuel filter cap

    Good work, big thanks Mike
  10. Smithymartyn

    Fuel filter cap

    Thanks mike, it's the oval cover. Log book says BMN 704774 is that the one
  11. Smithymartyn

    Fuel filter cap

    Cheers mate! 2006 170 tdi, Halogen. Do you need engine number or VIN? If so, can PM
  12. Smithymartyn

    Fuel filter cap

    Hi all, Had a bit of a disaster today with the motor. Tried to change the fuel filter and whilst slowing removing the thing the lug in the cap that the filter sits around snapped off! Fortunately the car still starts, but guess I need to sort pretty sharpish..... Anyone know if you can buy a...
  13. Smithymartyn

    Outside temperature reading

    Hi All, Looking for a little help again. My DIS has been showing an incorrect outside temperature reading over the past few months i.e. when there is a frost it is showing c. 5 degrees!! Looks about 5/6 degrees out. Is this an easy fix, or is it a bumper off job and replace the sensor? Any...
  14. Smithymartyn

    Injector Recall for PD170 - Might be already known to you lot.

    Just had car back from Leicester Audi. Only 3 Injectors changed as apparently other changed by previous owner. Agree with earlier comments, so far car feels smoother and fuel economy improved! Good servive from the dealer and pretty chuffed thus far.... Asked why Audi do not notify and response...
  15. Smithymartyn

    Injector Recall for PD170 - Might be already known to you lot.

    Just booked in with Leicester Audi. Spoke to the Spanner Man about the hesitation issues (between 3-4k RPM) and the lumpy idle when cold. All apparently linked to injector issues. I will report back when the car has been in - 2006 170 bhp Quattro Sline
  16. Smithymartyn

    Injector Recall for PD170 - Might be already known to you lot.

    Spoke to Leicester Audi. They will have car in (06 170 Quattro) and check injectors and run diagnostic FOC. Will replace if anything deemed faulty. However, if other faults are flagged by the diagnostic they will charge the £132 + VAT (unreal)!! I have a dilemma as sporadically my glow plug...
  17. Smithymartyn

    Glow plug light Flashing

    Good luck Mate. Mine has finally been taken in today. The dealer reckons it's a priority 5 (Low) and will need to take the manifold off to check, although apparently it has already had the flaps (!?) replaced. So, different faults but best to just take the wheels back to the dealer wher you...
  18. Smithymartyn

    Glow plug light Flashing

    Hi fella. Just started having the same problem with mine (96 Quattro 170 tdi - 51k) Got a local garage to do a code check and got 12600 - Intake Manifold and P3138 - MIL On (i think this is just warning light). I have still 1 months warranty and car was recently serviced before I purchased...
  19. Smithymartyn

    Boot Cargo Net

    Sorry for hijack! Ash, is footwell an easy fit and any part numbers/price? Cheers
  20. Smithymartyn

    beware FYI

    Good post, will share as best to be safe....