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    Help leaking oil bad remap/dpf removal

    Hi guys i needed help with my situation and where i stand with the company that have done the work. I got my a5 sportback sline 2014 2.0tdi fwd cgcl engine mounted to a multitronic 8 speed gb. I took it to a tuner for a remap/dpf delete / egr delete. When i drove the car home I noticed oil...
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    Dual map on multitronic?

    Got a 2014, 8 speed multitronic 177 2.0tdi. After 8 months of driving it i found the "s" mode on the gearbox I was wandering if it is possible to do a dual remap on our audis? I know u can do it on alfas,bmw and vauxhalls with there sports buttons. It would be useful as i dont want to...
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    accident am i at fault?

    Hi guys just been blamed by two drivers saying its my fault they collided. Firstly my car has not been hit by anyone or i havnt hit anyone. I pulled out into a main road from a side street and reversed back into the side street to park my car. When i pulled out the car on the main road, car A...
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    covering number plates

    Hi lately I have seen loads of audis especially a5 and a4 with sosomething over there numberplates. It looks quite good I tried googling it but don't know what they are called or if they are legal There are 2 types I have seen. 1 makes the numberplate look darker and the other one hides...
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    WIper controls for trip *** help***

    Hi i got a 2008 prefacelift 8pa 1.9 a3. I installed a new wiper stalk to control trip computer. got the rite part numbers followed this guide now my wiper still works but the controls for the trip...
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    part numbers

    hi i was going to buy a wiper stalk to control the trip computer as my car does not have one yet. My car is pre facelift (2004-2008) 2008 8pa a3 1.9tdie. I spoke to audi they said the part number is 8P0953519E. However this is for 2008+ models post facelift? I found the part number for 2007...
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    do all a3's indicate low oil?

    Hi just serviced my a3 8pa and wanted to know will it indicate if my oil is low? I did check it regularly after service but still would be reassuring It doesnt indicate if my wash fluid ect is low as i dont think it has a steering ecu. It has a full display tho, not just indicator lamps. I...
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    Too much torque for tyres

    Hi guys, just got my 1.9tdie BLS a3 8pa remapped/dpf removed/egr delete its 2008 model. Currently rolling on 205/55 r16 and getting too much wheel spin. Wondering if any 1 could direct me to which tyre size (width) would be best to cope with the wheel spin? Also is there any negatives such as...
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    2008 A3 base to sport or facelift??

    Hi got a base A3 no fogs ect its 2008 prefacelift... Just got hit and run on the wing, so need to find a replacement wing from scrapyard As i am spending money, thought it would be a good time to swap the front end from the boring base look to a sport look (bumpers,grille ect) Or would a...
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    Just saw this on Ebay - PowerMAG Magnetic 22% Fuel saver AUDI A2 A3 A4 A6 A8 what u guys think?? waste of money or a cheap tweak??
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    outs temp missing

    just wandering does every1ns A3 display the outside temp?? i got a3 1.9tdie base model a3 and it doesnt even have a outs temp!! even my basic corsa has more functions than it Is this how the life of a basic model audi owner is or do i have a problem with my audi?? Btw its double din, a/c and...
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    jerking when braking

    Hi new to the forum. bought a A3 8pa 1.9tdie audi 2008 pre facelift I had a problem first with the car shaking when braking when i first got the car. So i fitted new brembo max discs+PADS 4K miles and 6months later i now have a problem with the car "jerking" when i brake. When i say "jerking"...