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    Joining the club, light came on just before I got to work. This is the 2nd time its happened and was a fair bit below minimum Cant see any leaks so topped up and will mention on service in a few weeks..
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    Super Sport Seats Wear?

    Has anyone looked at getting their seats replaced or found a part number for a seat base? Probably going to be moving on from my S3 later in the year and the state of my driver seat isn't going to help resale value. Car is immaculate otherwise. I think the reason why mine is one of the worse...
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    What's this? a Audi Golf RS-R3?

    Same here I would order one in a heartbeat if its not silly money.
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    S3 Wastegate Rattle Fix

    There is still no fix that I'm aware of and I doubt there will be. Audi thinks its a characteristic.. lol :( Mine's coming upto 3 years old and looking to change it soon, its a good car but my old MK6 GTI was more fun even with 100hp less (both mapped).
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    £171 for first oil change

    My first service was £200.75 Second service £320.14 + £34.47 pollen filter + £79 air conditioning £179 is a great deal from a dealer
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    S3 almost 2...

    Ive just booked mine in for its 2nd service which consists of Oil change + inspection at £320, pollen filter £34 and air-con £79. So £433. Complete rip-off but Audi did send me a £100 off voucher I can use at least.
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    S3 exhaust flaps....

    £50 seems quite expensive for what it is. Why not get someone local with vcds turn them off for you? No messing around with plugs then. I tried it and it was a bit louder under partial accelleration but the drone when coasting at low speed was terrible.
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    And now I'm insured with Sky too. Just gave them a call, and had a quote in under 5 minutes with mods covered and protected no-claims. Great service :sm4:
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    Fastest Corsa in the UK....

    He's doing it wrong. Clearly this one is faster!
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    S3 - Second service

    Hi All My S3 is coming upto 20K miles so will need its 2nd service soon. Looking at the manual and going by the service menu in the car, it's just an oil & filter change again. Is that right? I thought every one would be an inspection/major service? Thanks
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    DTUK PEDAL BOX Review / Fitting Guide – Audi S3– USERS VIEW

    For those with pedalbox who are you insured with and how did you describe it?
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    Facelift Is the S3 facelift worth it?

    Is the 7 speed s-tronic a brand new development or the one from RS3?
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    Weird noise on load

    Metallic rattling/vibrating sounds from the S3 are normal. The wastegate rod rattles and the gearbox can rattle at low speed. Audi says both of these are designed "characteristics" of the car.. Are you able to upload a video of the noise?
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    New TT RS Available 22nd August 2016 To Order - £51800 OTR

    Has anyone actually ordered a new TT RS yet or has it been further delayed by Audi?
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    S3 8V to RS3 8V - Who's done it?

    So.. with the facelift S3 out and delivery of a facelift RS3 likely a year away, I'm tempted to swap my S3 for a RS3. Especially as the value of my S3 is going down fast. I figure a 2017 RS3 will be 50K with options, and 367bhp is more than enough for uk roads. For those that have upgraded, any...
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    Gonna have a go at this myself - thoughts?

    Go for it, i would DIY that. Not going to be that noticeable and will stop any moisture etc getting under the paint making it worse. Wet sand, primer, paint, laquer
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    S3 Trade-in value

    Yeah may have to keep my S3 a bit longer, cant believe you can get M135i's for under 20k now as well
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    S3 Trade-in value

    Nah bought my car outright, dont like leasing
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    S3 Trade-in value

    Since a few people on here are trading up/down or moving on from their S3, what sort of price are you getting on trade-in? Mine is a 2015 with almost every factory option except sunroof and magnetic ride, 5 doors, S-tronic, FASH, 13k miles and immaculate condition. Cap guide says £25,500 but...
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    DIY diamond cut alloy refurb

    I used autosol exhaust polish as final step on mine and came out great, doesn't need to be anything special