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  1. arthurfuxake


    After a very lengthy search, I've finally found the replacement for my B6. I've owned 2 B6's in ten years, and was very happy with both, I'm certainly going to miss the quattro. I'm not going to miss Audi customer service! I'll still keep an eye on the B6 section, maybe I'll have some knowledge...
  2. arthurfuxake


    Anyone know how to disconnect the wiring connector from the MAF?
  3. arthurfuxake


    The recent sale of 1 of my properties has resulted in a nice bit of cash for me to spend on a car. Budget of between £25-30k. So I pop into Audi to have a look. I realise I'm unsure of what exactly I want(a4 saloon or avant, or maybe a new A6 saloon), and I mentioned this when I walked in hoping...
  4. arthurfuxake

    BBC News App

    Spotted this on the BBC news app today. I would prefer it to be Clarkson, but the hamster would make a great transport secretary too.
  5. arthurfuxake

    Trek or Specialized

    Totally unrelated to my "Overpayment" post, I have narrowed down my choice of new MTB to a Trek Fuel EX7 or a Specialized Camber Expert. The Trek is £100 dearer, is it worth the extra? I have riden both bikes and they both feel good, I can hardly tell them apart. What do you fellow MTB's think?
  6. arthurfuxake

    Overpayment dilemma

    So I'm doing my self-assessment for the tax man and I'm going through my payslips and I notice that i was overpaid 1 month. We were given a 2% annual increase which was back-dated a few months, but a few people never got it payed in their May pay, so they were payed it in June - except I got it...
  7. arthurfuxake

    MOT and engine light.

    I have an issue with my car that only disappears when the MAF is unplugged. This causes the engine management light to stay on, will they fail it because the light is on? Unplugging the MAF is the only way the car runs perfectly, it loses power when it's connected.
  8. arthurfuxake

    Bootlid badges

    Anyone have the measurements for the position of the badges on the bootlid? Just got my car back from bodyshop and they've put the badges on wrong. It's a 2.5TDi Quattro. The A4 looks higher than the 2.5TDi which in turn looks higher on the 2 side than on the I side.
  9. arthurfuxake

    Hard starting

    My car takes quite a lot of turns to start when it's been standing overnight. It can sometimes take about 5 seconds before it will fire up, and there is a fair amount of pale smoke fir a few seconds when it does fire up. Anyone have any ideas what it could be? Will it show up on a diagnostic scan?
  10. arthurfuxake

    Tapatalk plugin

    I get a message saying the tapatalk plugin on the server us out of date, could one of the admins please update it, or do u have to pay for it?
  11. arthurfuxake

    My car is poorly

    Ok, this is a strange one. Car is as per sig. From a standing start all is ok, there is the slight delay and a bit of turbo lag until about 1200rpm as characteristic of this car but it's normal and has been like this since new. However, once on the move, all is not well. I can be pootling along...
  12. arthurfuxake

    Best Iphone deal?

    What are the best deals people are getting? My contract on orange is up for renewal and I'm looking for an iPhone. I want to pay £35 per month for 18 months but don't want to pay £280 for the phone, has anyone gotten a better deal from orange? I'm on orange home broadband and the £35 per month...
  13. arthurfuxake

    Stuck abroad?

    Anyone else stuck abroad at the moment? We are in Malaga, were supposed to fly back on sat 17th, now booked on a flight on 24th. Gotta praise easyjet, they've put us up in a 4* hotel with meals included which is jolly good of them. I'm really glad we didn't fly with a certain Irish budget...
  14. arthurfuxake

    VAG indy in Manc

    Car is due a service, any recommendation in Manchester? I used to use Awesome, but I was messed around by them the last time. Their work is good, buy their organisational skills let them down last time round and I'm a bit hesitant to use them again. So, am I left with a main dealer, or is...
  15. arthurfuxake

    Diesel additives - redex/miller etc

    Anyone used any additives to give injectors etc a bit of a good clean? My job has changed a lot and I'm stuck in the office 5 days a week now, so my car only does the 10 mile idel in to Manchester city centre (average about 15 mph) so hardly get out of 3rd gear. I've noticed that it's a bit...
  16. arthurfuxake

    17" Alloys - tyre width?

    I have a spare set of 5 star alloys that I think are 7.5J width. They have 235/45/17 tyres on at the moment, but does anyone know what the MINIMUM width is that I can use? I want to get some winter tyres for them, and the narrower the better.
  17. arthurfuxake

    Guess where I went today......

    No points for correct answers.....
  18. arthurfuxake

    Anyone know what's happened to the VAG navigation website that was It's been a couple of months since I've been on there, now I can't find it.
  19. arthurfuxake

    Front suspension bushes

    Just had an MOT, it passed, but it has come back with an advisory note that the front suspension bushes are getting a bit soft. Does anyone know what is involved in replacing these? How many are there? Is it worth getting up-rated bushes. Is there anything alse that needs looking at whilst this...
  20. arthurfuxake

    Netgear EVA8000 Media Player

    Anyone got one of these? I have a Netgear NAS that I have all my vids, pics and music stored on, so thought that one of these would be ideal to watch and listen to it all on my plasma/av amp. Good or bad?