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    Fantasy F1 2020 anybody???

    Is there no interest this year? :cry:
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    Subframe bush replacement

    Hi. My 1.9 A4 avant non quattro is starting to feel old and the back end is very sloppy. I replaced a lot of the bushes a few years ago and I think the subframe bushes have worn out. I've spoken with my trusted garage and they don't have any info on replacing the sub frame bushes. Would anyone...
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    Cardiff Audi oil

    Just to make you aware, popped into Cardiff Audi today to get some oil. (TBH I find them quite good value for oil if I'm in a hurry). They took my reg and presented me with a 4ltr bottle of Castrol Magnatec professional a3 5w 40. I was suprised no Quantum Platinum. He explained they no longer...
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    Dripping water in passenger footwell

    Hi all. Ok. First off, this is not a blocked plenum chamber issue or blocked aircon drain tube. I recently found a good inch of water in my passenger footwell. I saw a dribble of water on the front bulkhead behind the blower motor. So I figured perhaps the pollen filter. So out it came. Took...
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    Help Concert 3 stereo fault

    Anybody know what's happened to the radio? Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    WRC 2017 Free to view live coverage

    Red bull TV are covering the 2017 WRC . Live coverage of the rallies via their free app. 2017 WRC has undergone the most dramatic changes in regulations for decades. Power has been increased from a long term cap of 300bhp up to 380bhp, making them the most powerful since group B cars. Width...
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    B6 normal steering wheel to B6 MFSW

    So I've just fitted a B6 MFSW airbag unit to my non MFSW. I've got the steering angle sensor from a car with MFSW. I have the airbag wiring harness and little wheel control box from a cabriolet with tip tronic wheel. I have DIS and cruise working. I've coded the wheel to correct spec. The horn...
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    Can you have a look please?

    Had some spare time today and was just wondering if anyone could explain the photos. Firstly, the loose vacuum nipple on the tandem pump. Is it normal? And WHY does it always get oily? Secondly what's the empy metal 'cage' thingy for?
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    Front brake advice

    Hi. My trusty 1.9tdi avant is bothering me. About 5 months ago the front n/s caliper was binding with the resulting stink and mega hot wheel. I figured the old girl could do with a bit of a refurb so I ordered new calipers, guide pins and flexible hoses for both sides. Got them fitted by my...
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    New suspension fitted! Happy Days!

    So. The garage was ecstatic when they gave me back my car.....after 7 hours of stubborn 12 year old nuts and seized pinch bolts. Im just as happy to be driving a 'like new' feeling Audi A4, with new Meyle HD control arms, Bilstein B4 shocks and sport springs front and back, roll bar bushes front...
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    Boooring I know...wheel fitment question

    Mercedes e class 18inch 9j et 39 rear and 8.5 et 38 front. Standard se suspension. Will they fit??? I tried searching but nothing specific enough. Many thanks.
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    ABS fault

    Hello. My friend has just brought an 03 1.9tdi saloon. Hes noticed recently that the esp and abs orange lights come on intermittently. Once a week or so. Ive scanned it and found the G201 brake pressure sensor fault. We're trying all the cheap fixes first, and while I was changing his brake...
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    Defective battery

    Hi guys. Found the old girl wont start in the cold, so had the battery tested and it was found to be bad. It was from Sparesworld and had a 4yr guarantee, its only 3 years old and I am getting them to replace it. However, they are charging it for 24hrs before testing it and giving me a new...
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    And another new 1.9tdi owner.

    So like the recent poster, im the very proud owner of a 130 b6 1.9tdi avant. Sold my saxo and used the money to pay for a new timing belt and water pump change. Audi Cardiff charged me £730 :O for the privilege, with a thermostat change for good measure. So far Ive tinted the boot and side...