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    Thanks and goodbye

    would like to just to say thanks to the forum for helping me with my s3. getting it to stage 2+ Has been fun and cost a lot of money but wouldn't change it at all, I've sold it today after just over 2 years off overship had up and downs but was a great car to own and drive and everyone who...
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    S3 recaros or any other options ?

    Im seriously considering changing my seats in my s3 I've had a wee look into it doesn't seem to be much recaros on eBay or anywhere is there anything els to consider ? I'm just having a look at my options at the moment
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    any ideas about sticky gear change ?

    As above I have stage 3 loba/Sachs clutch with smf and forge short shifter, every so often get a sticky gear change mainly into 4th and sometimes get slight resistance changing gears. It doesn't do it a lot just now and then is it the clutch ? Or could it be the short shifter ? Any ideas would...
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    What to look for in s3

    mates going to look at one tonight 1.8 210 bhp engine ? 96000k on clock just looking for anything to look out for ? Advice etc?
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    Oil catch can ? And few questions

    What one is everyone using ? My cAr is stage 2+ S3 8p and I have the pcv delete but thinking about a catch can been told by a few it will help catch some of the oily S&@£ ? Does the tera clean etc work on the s3 ? And what milage age etc should it be considered
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    S3 owner needing advice on brake pads

    Hi guys like above I've got some rs3 calipers for my s3 what pads are best ? What's the pagid pads like ? Any advice would be great thanks graeme
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    colour should i paint callipers?

    as above i just picked up a set of rs calipers and wondering do i keep them original black or paint them red? i have a red s3 8p with the graphite grey vw racing wheels also how much does the s3 callipers usually go for? thanks graeme
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    Sportec Mono 10 Alloy Wheels

    will there fit on my car ok? going for 18s where can i purchase these? any idea of price?
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    Where To Get Alloys ?

    As above any good websites ? Company's ? You van recommend for wheels struggling to find something I really like
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    Ttrs Calipers?

    thinking of getting some and buying other parts i need over the winter and getting them fitted next year anyways how do i know if the calipers are the recall ones?
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    volkswagen racing alloy wheels and brake kit?

    as above wondering if anyone has got them on there s3? looked through most of the rimz thread and google etc just looking around for stuff for next year and thinking standard wheels have to go when i get new brakes. ive got red s3 and planning to get graphite grey kinda colour and get mirrors...
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    Few pics and info from my nurburgring trip

    just back from one of the most amazing trips ive been on weather nearly spoiled it as we were hit with thunder storm on the monday got 1 lap on the sunday and 2 on the monday but it was wet, did not time myself and was just happy i got car round and back in one piece tbh lol had few slips and...
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    Help with wiper blades ?

    I might just be being stupid but ordered these Bosch Audi Aerotwin Multi Clip Flat Wiper Blade Single Am24U | Euro Car Parts UK’s No.1 Car Parts Retailer For my 59 plate s3 and they seem to have different clips on them like thicker ones? And don't fit
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    how much brake fluid?

    as above wanting a complete change how much will i need 1.5 litres enough? its an s3 if that makes any difference
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    can anybody help me get in contact with dave the brake guy!

    as above is there a phone number for him i need to sort my brake situation soon as possible thanks in advance
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    Who has tracked there car with standard brakes ?

    As about I have a stage 2+ s3 and I'm going to do a track day at Knockhill in few weeks, I'm also going to the nurburgring in July so I was basically wondering if I can track my car at Knockhill with standard brakes then ill change pads and fluid so that it's all new for the ring ? I am a...
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    Brake fluid and engine oil ?

    I'm going to the nurburgring in July going to get the car serviced early just oil change castrol 5w 30 fully synthetic best place to buy ? Euro car parts has it for £31 seems good price also spark plugs filters and was maybe going to change brake fluid. Would upgrading the fluid be any better...
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    Need a new wax for red s3 any suggestions guys?

    As above need a new one as running out what to get next ???? I've used Blackfire, black magic own stuff, ( awsum stuff ) but like to try new things....
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    anyone got these wheels?

    as above oz alleggerita hlt ? just wondered if they would fit on a 59plate s3 just bored and looking at few things for car
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    Questions on shifting gear at high rpm with new clutch

    I have the loba sach clutch and smf.and revo engine mount kit, so after being bit easy with my clutch this is first of me trying it out and I notice a lot stiffer to get gears higher revs, there's a post on vagoc about a pilot bearing that you can get to solve this Search SiteSearch Pilot...