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    CD Player in S3 upgrade

    Is it possible to fit an Audi TT concert cd player into a 2001 S3... and will it work?...oh and the final twist its from an american, does that make a difference? Thanks PJ:unsure:
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    Chipping / xenons, Sat nav and stuff? Wisdom required.

    Hi here I go again with the questions within 24hours but... What mileage / age is it bad to chip...or doesn't it really matter? The car I have in mind is a 2001 S3 with 60K on the clock. Does an 2001 S3 Sat Nav display a compass as I've seen on some pics of Audi Sat Nav's? Can you upgrade the...
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    Here goes..silly question #1 Sat Nav

    Thanks for the warm welcome and as promised heres silly question No.1 How easy is it to connect a DVD player to the Audi S3 TV/Sat Nav system? Silly No.2 Can you update the Sat Nav system? (Car year i'm interested in is 2001) Silly No.3 Can you overide the cut off to enable you to have the...
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    Back again!

    Hello everyone, :icon_thumright: after a few years of driving.... subaru's, seats and now a Lotus...I'm attempting to get my butt back in an Audi:wub:, so I thought what better place than to ensure that my butt lands in the right Audi than here. I apologise already for the numerous silly...