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  1. Jbradford97

    Help with finding a part number - S line front grill insert

    Hi there, I've been digging around trying to find a replacement bumber inset (black grill bit) for my 2017 A4 Black edition But I'm not having much luck - I can only find the non S line versions: Can anyone point me in the right...
  2. Jbradford97

    Maxton design front splitter - photo request for white coloured Black edition

    I'm considering getting a Maxton Design for my white coloured B9 Black Edition, however I'm not sure if it will be too unsubtle for me. So does anyone have photos of what their splitter (V1 or V2) looks like on a white coloured Black Edition
  3. Jbradford97

    Recommendations / advice on Avant boot liner

    I'm thinking of getting a boot liner for my Avant, and of course there are lots of different options on ebay, Amazon.... With this in mind does anyone have any recommendations or advice on what to look for (or not) in an A4 B9 boot liner?
  4. Jbradford97

    Turn off passenger airbag "bing" (on start up)

    Is there a way that I can turn off the "bing" that you get to tell you that the passenger airbag is active? Sorry if this has been asked before.
  5. Jbradford97

    Brake pads and disk recomendations

    The rear disks and pads on my A4 177TDi are on their way out. Ideally I'd like some std fitment pads that produce less dust and disks that do not corrode at the centre (within seconds). Does anyone have any recommendations (from personal experince)? I was looking at - red stuff pad, tho I...
  6. Jbradford97

    D3S bulb failure

    One of my D3S headlight bulbs works for the first 2 to 3mins each time I start the car, then stops working Is this consistent with a bulb failure, or is there likely to be something else wrong? Ideally I don't want to spend £100 on a new bulb to find it's not the issue.
  7. Jbradford97

    Headlight washer pump

    One of my headlight washer jets has started leaking for the 4th time. Does anyone know if the headlight washer pump should allow water to go through it when it is not pumping?
  8. Jbradford97

    Headlight washer trigger

    Am I right in saying that every fourth screen wash trigger the headlight washer jets are also triggered? Or is there an other condition, like the headlights have to be on?
  9. Jbradford97

    Headlight washer jets

    One of the headlight washer jets is leaking on my B8.5 Avant S-line. Is replacement a bumper off job? Thanks
  10. Jbradford97

    Cap holder covers

    Does any one know if there are covers avaliable for the cup holders in front of the gear stick. They look like such an after thought. Thanks
  11. Jbradford97

    Replacing cigarette lighter socket panels

    I've just picked up an A3 Saloon S-line for my wife, however it was orginally ordered with the cigarette lighters in the front and back. How easy would it be to get replacement panels and fit them. (I really don't like the look of them).
  12. Jbradford97

    Braking noise and Buckled 19" Rota

    I've had the local dealer looking into a thumping sound I get when braking (but no vibrations). It's like the sound you get when going over braking lines on the approach to some roundabouts The car is a A4 Avant S-Line Black Edition 2012 They are lost as to what is the cause - has anyone had...
  13. Jbradford97

    Best source for Black Badges

    I'm looking to replace the rear Audi rings on the rear of my B8.5 black edition. What is the best place to buy them from? - I'm looking for OEM level quality Here she is for reference: