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  1. Sean_

    Facelifted S3 8P - When was this introduced?

    Hey fella's, Quick question, this might have been covered before but I couldn't find any info on it so someone on here might be able to clarify something for me. In the next few weeks/months I will be looking to purchase a face-lifted S3 8P moving up from my 2.0T Quattro A4. With me living in...
  2. Sean_

    HPFP / Stage 2+ B7

    Lads, anyone on here upgraded their fuel pump to a high pressure pump? I'm gonna look at getting one and was thinking of the Autotech internals, have heard some people go on that they are prone to failing but it's generally the map or the cam follower that causes the issues from what I've...
  3. Sean_

    S3 Flat Bottom into B7

    Lads, I know these threads are done to death but are they a straight fit into our B7's? Can't find solid info online. I'm looking to upgrade and want to make sure I buy the right one. Is there any modification needed or extra parts required to make them fit? I'll be buying an airbag separately...
  4. Sean_

    BBS Speedlines - What colour?

    Getting my speedlines refurbed and powdercoated in the next week or so and looking to get peoples general opinions on the colour. I'm fairly set on my way about a dark anthracite but can't seem to find many colours online which really sells it for me! Here is some that I've found online, let...
  5. Sean_

    B7 Front Splitter Opinions

    Lads, I'm looking to change up my splitter soon and have come across a few options which I like. Haven't seen them on another B7 yet apart from some in the pictures. I currently have a Cupra splitter but unfortunately my bumper is SE which is just plain bland and I hate it, much prefer the...
  6. Sean_

    2.5"/3" Test Pipe for 2.0T?

    As above has anyone used a 2.5"/3" test pipe on their 2.0t? I'm looking to get the below and have read good reports on other forums who have fitted one to their standard system, they say most of the restriction is In the Cat so this should help free up some more power. They also sound really...
  7. Sean_

    2.0t Burning Oil

    Lads, I know these posts are done to death but looking for some quick advise on this. I know the 2.0t's are notorious for burning oil (especially the B7!) Ever since I bought mine it was burning a bit of oil every few weeks. After I had the car mapped and in for a service at my local specialist...
  8. Sean_

    Anyone went from MK5 GTI/B7 A4 to S3?

    As the title, I'm interested to see if any owners have went from a 200bhp MK5 GTI or B7 A4 Quattro to an 8p S3? I've owned a GTI and then moved onto the B7 which I still love but looking down the line at a facelift S3, I was thinking about a sportback too as I like having 5 doors and I really...
  9. Sean_

    DTM Bumper - Is it salvageable?

    Lads, looking for your advise on this. Have found a DTM which will be available for breaking soon. There is some damage to the front bumper. Anyone on here tell if it's repairable? Damage is only on the passengers side. Any advise would be much appreciated.
  10. Sean_

    FMIC - What have people got?

    As the title, I'll be looking to upgrade to a front mount intercooler soon. I'm not looking to spend mad money, 200-300 ideally. I ran a Toyosport wellycooler on my old R and it was savage, didn't have a problem with it and it wasn't too expensive. Anyone have one on their B7's currently? I was...
  11. Sean_

    Replacement Xenon Bulbs?

    Chaps, Suffering from the common flickering bulb, been on it since I bought the car last December and from quick search, the common fault is the bulb so I'll be looking to change in the next few weeks. I'm only looking to replace the main bulb so I'd like to hear what bulbs people have went...
  12. Sean_

    Coming Home/Leaving Home Function

    Quick one, I currently have the Coming Home/Leaving Home function on my B7 so when I unlock the car the interior lights come on as well as the fogs. Does anyone know if this can be changed to the main dipped headlights instead of the fogs? It used to be like this on my old MK5 GTI and it was...
  13. Sean_

    BBS CH - What colour?

    Chaps, Picked up a set of 18' BBS CH alloys yesterday which I plan to use as winter wheels. Just looking to see what colour would suit best. Picture of mine below along with the wheels. I was thinking satin or gloss black along with some red BBS centre caps, what you guys think?
  14. Sean_

    Central Locking Problem

    Lads, Looking for some advise on this. I think I have a problem with my central locking, sometimes when I go to unlock the car with the fob it just won't open, the little red button flashes on the key so I know it has battery, then when I unlock the car with the key, sometimes you need to...
  15. Sean_

    Headlight Splitting & Spraying - AKA Joey Mod

    Lads, I'm looking to split my headlights quite soon as I want to de-chrome the lights and also de-tango while I'm at it. Just looking for some more advise on this before I go ahead with it, I've trawled the internet and picked the brains off a few members on here already. Basically I'll be...
  16. Sean_

    Interior Mods - Show me what you got

    Chaps, I'm looking to upgrade and do a few mods for the interior of my B7, looking to see what's out there and whats been done. I have a few things lined up which I'm looking to do; Multi-function flat bottom (preferably off the S3 or TT with the round airbag) Alcantara trimmed Gear knob...
  17. Sean_

    K04 - Tell me what you know

    Chaps, I know these threads are done to death but I'm just looking for a little bit more info so bare with me. I have been through some of the build threads of some 2.0 TFSI A4's and they are amazing, I will probably contact these guys directly for some more advise and tips. Basically I am...
  18. Sean_

    Sean's Phantom Black B7 A4 2.0T Quattro

    Hi guys, long time lurker on the site so let me introduce myself, I’m Sean from Ireland and here is my 2005 Audi A4 2.0T FSI Quattro in Pearlescent Phantom Black. So here goes, I bought it a few months ago for a steal price and I’m extremely happy with it. I’d sold my MK5 GTI which I owned for...
  19. Sean_

    Aux Options

    I know these things are done to death but I need some help with this and what I've found doesn't seem to suit. I basically want to run an Aux lead from the back of my head unit but when I pulled the unit out I couldn't plug it in due to the way my loom is. I think it's a concert 1, it's a 2005...
  20. Sean_

    Swapping B7 Cloth Seats for Recaro CS Buckets - Help

    Chaps, I recently purchased a set of brand new Recaro CS bucket seats for my B7. I plan on swapping them over in the next few weeks and just need a bit of advise. I have found guides to take the seats out and it doesn't look too difficult, my question for everyone is what do I do with the loom...