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    PD170 (BMN) G28 crankshaft sensor

    Hi I have a Golf gt tgi pd170 (BMN engine code) It didnt start yesterday and gave me fault code P0321 - engine speed sensor I have purchased a new sensor but cant find 100% its location , some people saying to remove the oil filter and housing and others saying its in the gearbox Could...
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    wheel fitament help

    I've searched a few threads and googled quite a bit but not found a 100% answer I have a 2005 A3 2.0Tfsi quattro And found some wheels of this spec 18x8.75 all corners ET35 Would they fit with no major work and also what tyre size would be recommended Thanks in advance
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    ***Welldone HID group buy***

    I have been in talks with Welldone and Dan is happy to get a group buy going. As its mainly aimed at A3 owners I've added this here and the group buy is in the group by section 20% discount for forum members on...
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    H7 HID/xenon conversion

    I have been reading through old threads regarding hid kits blowing wiper motors on the 8p and found there is two options 1) well done hid conversion 2) do a full oe conversion with bi-xenon units and bulbs i stumbled upon this company and sent a message to them and they 100% guarantee they...
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    Sachs clutch part numbers

    Hiya Im looking for the parts numbers for the sachs organic clutch as ive been hunting around and coming across different part numbers for it and also a link would help My car is a A3 2.0tfsi quattro if if helps Cheers
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    P0299 code found

    I did a oil and filter change ealier today and when i plugged the code reader in to reset the service notice i found a code of P0299 stored turbo underboost but no warning light. Could it be the diverter valve as simple as it sounds or is it a bit more than that ? Thanks in advance