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    2011 a4 teknik easiest way to get dab

    Hi partner has a 2011 a4 teknik with mmi only which has either a usb or an old style I phone connection and I’m looking to get dab what is the easiest way and not looking to spend a lot.i’ve found this has anyone else got one?
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    Time has come to part with my a3.what to do with it?

    Evening everyone I have a 2007 a3 1.9tdi special edition with around 135.000 on the clock with leather interior the paintwork is a bit shabby in the usual places the wings are rusty and a few bits on the lower door and boot lid and bonnet lacquer is peeling it’s also in need of a clutch and...
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    Clutch pedal doesn’t feel right

    Evening my partner has a 2011 a4 2.0 tdi teknik the clutch and flywheel we’re changed 2 years ago at just over 100000 cars since done 135000 it was always a little juddery taking off on first but now I’ve noticed the pedal to me doesn’t feel right when you press it down the pedal moves about a...
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    Help please think our clutch is on the way out

    Hi everyone hope everyone's had a good Christmas and new year.our 61 plate a4 2.0tdi teknik has developed a problem if your driving sensibly or at 30mph it's fine but if your for example pulling out onto a dual carriageway if you accelerate in 3rd then 4th 5th etc it's like the car revs up but...
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    Help please car alarm randomly going off

    Hi everyone I've developed a problem in my 2007 a3 1.9tdi 3door it started this morning when my alarm went off out of the blue so I opened the car then locked it again then 5 minutes later it went off again I then popped out to the shop and the boot open warning light is on but the boot is...
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    2011 a4 teknik ami problem

    hi everyone I've recently upgraded my phone to an I phone 6s and today I plugged it into the ami cable in the glovebox using the cable with the usb end and plugging my I phone lead into it anyway it wouldn't work it charged the phone but wouldn't play music anyone else had this it worked with my...
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    Help kids put something inside CD player

    hi I was cleaning the Mrs b8 a4 teknik the other day and now the cd won't play and we've since discovered our daughter has put something in the cd slot does anyone know if the CD player comes out or have any ideas the wors thing about it is the sat nav now won't work as you need the nav disc in
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    Does this seem like a good deal?

    hi I've got a set of 17" a3 sport alloys the ones similar to the a4 s line 5 spokes in need of a refurb and tyres anyway I've also got a set of 18" a3 s line wheels without tyres and in reasonable condition just a few kerb marks and a little bubbling around a couple of the valves so I went to my...
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    Drivers side speakers not working

    Hi there my 2007 a3 has developed a problem it started a while back intermittently i'am only getting sound from the passengers side speakers and nothing from drivers side but now it's off completely I have standard speakers and a chorus head unit which i'am planning on replacing with a kenwood...
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    Alloy/suspension advice please

    hi there I've got a set of wheels I'am looking to refurb and fit to the car in springtime I believe they are from an a3 sport they are the 17" 5 spoke ones similar to the ones from an a4 s line my question is which colour to go for my car is a 3 door a3 tdi in brilliant red so I'am thinking...
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    Looking to replace my chorus radio with aftermarket

    Hi I'am looking to change my standard Audi chorus head unit in my 2007 a3 with an aftermarket kenwood one I've found one on eBay I like just wondered if anyone else has it and also what I would need to fit it and if it would be plug and play
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    Whining noise whilst driving

    Hi guys I don't post on the a4 section very often i can usually be found on the 8p a3 forum.i just wondered if you guys might be able to help my partner has a 61 plate a4 saloon in the last couple of days we've heard a whining noise whilst driving which sort of resembles the noise you get with...
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    Front sidelight stopped working

    Hi there whilst changing my sidelight bulbs on my 07 a3 1.9tdi the passenger side was a little tricky to get out before I managed to remove it the halogen bulb stopped working so after I eventually managed to remove it I put the new led one in and it worked fine then it flickered and went out...
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    A3 leather seat ripped

    Hi there my 2007 a3 1.9tdi has a rip in the leather seat on the side bolster its been like that since I got the car from my partner but it's starting to bug me it looks to me that it's been rubbed through with the seat belt and there is also a crack in the leather on the base of the seat on the...
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    Brake pads replacement

    Hi there we just had my partners 2011 a4 teknik in for an mot at Dundee Audi we got an advisory for the front discs and pads they quoted over £300 is this something I could do myself I've done pads and discs on previous cars I can't see anything wrong with the discs and there's no vibration...
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    Number plate bulbs

    Hi there both my number plate bulbs have stopped working on my 2007 a3 3door special edition one was working so I thought I would upgrade to led then both stopped working so I tried the LEDs in but nothing I've tried the new led bulbs elsewhere and they work perfectly even tried new halogen...
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    Help please trying to change drl bulbs

    Hi i'am currently in the middle of swapping the headlight and drl bulbs in the sister in laws 2010 a3 anyway I took off what I thought was the headlight bulb but it looks like the motor which adjusts the pitch of the light and now it won't go back on it appears to push in and twist but won't go...
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    A3 halogen drl upgrade

    Hi apologies if this has been asked before I had a search but couldn't find anything anyway my sister in law has a 2010 white a3 1.6tdi 3dr and she asked me about replacing her standard halogen drls with led bulbs so I was just wondering if this is possible without showing an error on the dash...
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    Dented wing advice please

    Hi we were at our local horse riding school this afternoon I had went to the shop to buy horse feed for my partners horse anyway in the meantime my partner and daughter were in the car and someone reversed into our 61 a4 they have taken responsibility etc am I within my rights to ask for it to...
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    Couple of annoying little problems

    Hi our 61 plate a4 2.0 tdi teknik has a couple of annoying problems the first is everytime we start it the climate control turns itself right up to 12 not sure if this can be set different and also the stop start rarely works I've been told it doesn't always work but it probably only works 1 out...