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    a4 b6 avant and b8 - roof lining and interior lights

    Just wondering what chances of roof lining from a b8. A4 avant. fitting our b6 avant ? Also would this front light fit with the glasses holder :)
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    2.5 tdi avant - glove box - climate - stereo - cup holder

    hi thought would ask a few questions as per title in one go . Hopefully get the right advice and annswers :) firstly glove box ( black ) we knew this didn't open as handle broke when we bought it. Are these interchangeable between different models ? Full glove box as apparently the hinges may...
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    hi from Maidstone

    hi from Maidstone Recently bought a 2.5 v6 tdi avant in dolphin grey. 2003 180k miles. great condition with only a couple of bubbles on one wing. bought due to needing a larger vehicle for family purposes and two dogs and a trip I one week to cornwall loving the car and power quite high...