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    A3 Sline ordered with a v quick delivery aswell!

    After a test drive for 4 days (I know it was nice of the garage) I went ahead and placed my order. Test drove an A3 2.0tdi Sport with literally every option on possible, the car was an audi ex launch model so had most options fitted. Black colour. Here's my opinion on the options if anyone ever...
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    What do i order 1.4tfsi 'COD' or 2.0tdi SB sline?

    Not been on for ages sorry guys but need some advice.....current A3 SB BE 2.0tdi in Monza Silver is a cracking car except the suspension is pretty firm at we have a new born due Nov and as such when it comes to replacing our current A3 (Its only 16 months old now) well no doubt not...
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    My New A3 Black Edition - Monza Silver

    Picked it up today...aplogies for pic quality a mate did it for me on his i phone....
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    Anyone picked up their new A3 yet?

    Picking up my A3 SB Black Edition 2.0 tdi on Sat morning.....cant wait...anyone picked up their A3 today? Saw a red one today love the look of the new 12 plate:yes:
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    Colour advice on new A3 order

    Not been on for ages sorry everyone but im about to order another SB. Same as my last one 2.0tdi sport....however this time i fancy i chnage from the 3rd ice silver A3....does anyone know what equivalent audi colour this is.... Gtd carbon grey image by lnxlnx on Photobucket Thanks guys
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    Need some advice after minor accident damage to my A3 Sportback

    Hi guys Not been around for a while but today i need some advice so all appreciated. As the title suggests gets a call from the wife today saying shes had a minor bump with a car at a sliproad of A1. Wife got to roundabout car in front moved then stopped she stopped no problem then she never...
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    Delivery times

    Hi guys Ive had permission.... i mean ive told the wife that before we buy a new house that i need to buy a nice audi that i will keep. I know theres apparently a 2012 maybe 2011 new A3 at some point but in the meantime im just doing my homework whether to order for sept thinking...
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    Do i need to top up the oil???

    Might sound an obvious question but was checking my 59 plate A3 SB 2.0tdi Sport oil level today......something i have to confess i rarely do. Anyway the dipstick i find very hard to read its a plastic ended daft design that i cant make out whether it needs oil in. Followed handbook clean...
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    Next generation Audi A3

    I know theres lots of rumour on the internet about the next generation A3 but i was wondering if anyone had any inside information about an expected production date? Ive scoured the internet and found some nice looking artists impressions of what it might look like. I was considering trading my...
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    Problems with roof on A4 Cab

    Hi guys got an A3 so on the forum on there but a colleague at work has an A4 2.0tdi 170bhp 06 reg cab and is having problems with her roof as follows; Prior to warranty running out noticed 3 marks on the hood either side of the rear window and above the rear window, like a worn mark as if the...
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    A3 cabriolet pro's and con's

    As the title says..... Colleague at work is looking at an A3 Cabriolet and would like some comments on pro's and con's of the car. Ive had one as a courtesy car full spec and my opinion was the boot opening is small but then again you dont buy it as a large family car. She currently drives a...
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    My New A3 Sportback

    Hi guys Car finally arrived and here she is.... 2.0Tdi CR Sport Sportback Ice Silver Adaptive Xenons and LED DRL Bluetooth Prep Low 5 spoke design alloys Luggage Pack Non Smoking Pack Absolutely love the car. Any comments all appreciated :)