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    s3 differences

    am in the market for a an S3 but after looking i can see the the 8v has two variations. the 300ps and 310ps and the only difference I can is the lower emissions and slightly more bhp. can anyone tell me what the differences are if any more? is it worth the extra to get the 310ps?
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    O.e Spec Or Genuine Audi?

    does the o.e spec gearbox oil contain exactaly the same oil as the one audi supply? G052 171 A2
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    Gearbox Oil

    what is grade is audi gearbox oil for an a3 tdi Quattro? as I can not find a definite answer and audi carnt or wont tell me
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    Gear Shifter Part Number

    anybody know the gear shifter part number? the bits that have the spring on and that attached the to shifter cables and shifter
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    Fail Mot Tyres

    need replace my tyres today anybody recommend some good ones currently got goodyear eagles on but if there is cheaper out there that are just as good please tell me :)
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    window switchs

    Would these fit the 8p they look very nice
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    a5 seats into a3 help

    won some a5 seats now I need to get them fitted just a few questions is anyone in the north east Lincolnshire area or close that could fit these? the seller hasn't said if the rears are heated is it possiable to make the rears heated? as the ones I currently have are already fitted with...
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    rebuilt turbo??

    Saw this and wondered whats everyones opinions on rebuilt remanufactured turbos especially garrett high end ones like the one in the link
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    help with facelift

    Really want to fit the facelift bumper, lights etc. My car already has been fitted with the first facelift s3 8p bumpers skirts xenons all done by nigel but am likeing the more up to date look. Has anyone done this and do I need to change the bonnet and wings too
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    buying a cat c car?

    would anyone or has anyone bought a cat c car before I have seen a gorgeous s3 that's been repaired to look like a facelift model but unsure of what to look for or to just stay clear?
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    memeber banned???

    hi guys replied to a post earlier about a prop shaft bush and the guy pm,ed me about it now I have just seen he is banned could an admin or anyone tell me why as I was going to purchase a bush of him hope its not for being a dodgy seller
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    darkside developments budget kit gtb1756v

    finally had the darkside developments budget kit gtb1756v fitted choose this kit instead of going for the gtb2260 as I wanted to keep the spool as low as possible. well all I can say is wow such a different car and just feels so fast now even in 6th at 30mph(not recommended) will still pull...
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    glow plug confusion

    my bkd has a rough start when cold and I think its my glow plugs my glow plugs don't seem to be working there is no pre glow even tried unplugging the coolant temp sensor to see if I could get them to glow and they don't its just a no pre glow in vcds then after car is running I get post glow...
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    offsets new wheels am lost

    got the chance to buy some second hand s3 alloys but guy says there et52 will these fit ok on a a3 Quattro tdi? and does anyone know how to tell if a wheel is buckled bu looking at it without having to take it to people like bush or kwik fit?
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    leaking tandem pump

    heard that the 140 tdi bkd engine has an issue with leaking oil into the fuel. does anyone know what colour the fuel from the fuel filter should be if its ok and not getting oil mixed in I took a pic of mine and could do with knowing if it looks ok
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    short shifter

    I have an 140 Quattro tdi and trying to find out if the r32 mk4 golf shifter will fit my a3? the parts look identical except the r32 one give a shorter throw but I have not heard or seen anyone doing this to an 8p only 8l is there a subtle difference I am not seeing
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    stumped on this one

    on my a3 140 the anti-shudder valve had stopped working which is a common fault so I replaced the part and its working but I still get a horrid shudder on shut down. now this happens 98% of the time only maybe 4-5 times its not made a shudder on shut down I have taken it two darkside and they...
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    what to do hmm??

    in two minds to sell my a3 140 tdi as I don't do loads of miles now but me and the gf still go out of the town where we live on days out a lot and a few weends away. my a3 has had loads done to it already to bring it from a Quattro sport to a s3 replica before I purchased it and since I have...
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    rust help

    anyone experienced rust in the corner of the doors where there is two screws one each end, holding I think a bit of the car door trim on at the bottom? anyone know how I get stop this before it gets worse would I have to respray? its only about a 1cm square patch
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    injector reading bad?

    my car (140 tdi a3 bkd 99k miles 06 ) is very very poor mpg around town its 26-28 average also starts ok but sounds very rough only one the first start soon as its done a minute or so its fine even if you restart its ok. I have changed all filters cleaner inlet manifold removed egr checked all...