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  1. BGS

    Park Assist vs Interior lighting package

    Got both on mine. Used the active park assist twice in six months but the interior lighting still gives me a grin when i jump in the car at night. I've found front and rear sensors and the reversing camera to be more than adequate for my needs.
  2. BGS

    Spotters Thread For 8V Chassis

    Red, S-Line, TDI Saloon, with 19’s. Right next to me at the ****** lights at Tesco’s Mereway in Northampton. Had to double take as I was in my sisters car at the time and was about to have a fit. Almost identical to mine, with the addition of tinted windows.
  3. BGS

    Bird poo

    +1 for a good sealant. Been using Dodo Juice's red mist for a while now and those strafing runs from the pigeons just wipe right off, after a soak under a damp microfibre, and you would never know they were there afterwards.
  4. BGS

    My stupidness

    Not sure you could do it directly but you could always fold the back seats down and grab the offending key fob from the boot?
  5. BGS

    Audi Connect SIM card choices.

    Legend, thank you. Will give that a try after work.
  6. BGS

    Audi Connect SIM card choices.

    Thanks for the heads up. Don't suppose you remeber your APN settings?. I've entered as the username. Tried using 'password' as the password and leaving it blank but no joy so far.
  7. BGS

    Audi Connect SIM card choices.

    According to the GiffGaff site and T's & C's the Gigabag bundles allow use in any device. What devices can I connect? Our gigabags allow you to access the internet from any 3G-enabled device, including an iPad or any other Tablet PC, laptop, mobile internet dongle or using your smartphones...
  8. BGS

    Audi Connect SIM card choices.

    No go on the GiffGaff at the mo. Recognised the sim but no data service. Shall be on the GiffGaff forums today to see if I can sort it. For those wanting a 3 pre-loaded sim Argos have the 1GB on offer at $7.99 at the moment.
  9. BGS

    Audi Connect SIM card choices.

    My Three sim recently stopped working too. So I ordered a GiffGaff sim the other day which i'll be trying tonight on one of the Gigabag plans, 500mb for a month for a fiver. Hopefully that will cover it data wise but can always change up to 1GB for £7.50 if it turns out i need more. SIM Only...
  10. BGS

    What did you part-x?

    1999 T reg Fiat Bravo. Automatic with gear changes that could give you whiplash and a cassette player with an old Warren G tape stuck in it so listened to a lot of Regulate ft. Nate Dog. Auto reverse still worked so I could listen to the remix on the other side if I fancied a change though:)...
  11. BGS

    Not spec'd advanced key

    Same here, love my keyless entry and shiny start button. There is nothing lost by speccing it, you still have a fob with the buttons if you prefer to lock when walking away. Personally, hovering my hand over the door handle for half a second is no biggie. That said, it's far from essential.
  12. BGS

    Little surprises?

    I'm a simple guy. Small things please small minds.
  13. BGS

    A3/S3 Saloon Register...

    Grats on the order. Excellent choice on colour:)
  14. BGS

    Little surprises?

    Definitely got em on my A3, little bits of genius.
  15. BGS

    Spotters Thread For 8V Chassis

    Pulled up to a set of lights this morning to see two saloons on the opposite side of the junction. One White, one monsoon ( I think). Was a bit of rubber necking going on. Not so rare now it seems. 'Twas in Northampton around Sol Central BTW.
  16. BGS

    Spotters Thread For 8V Chassis

    You might see one soon, I'll be knocking around Witney at the end of the month, family do.
  17. BGS

    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    Yep, I like that. What colour is it, looks spot on with the sunroof and 19's
  18. BGS

    Be Careful with Aluminium Body Panels on 8V!

    Gutted for you. But good advice. Must admit when washing the car I have noticed how flimsy the bonnet is, flexes quite a lot under light pressure. Hope you get a good result on the fix up.
  19. BGS

    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    That's a damn shiny car! What LSP product have you used there ConnorLee?
  20. BGS

    SD Card for music

    I'd second that with the addition of making sure you get a 'Class 10' card if you can. The high transfer speed makes loading music on to the card a lot quicker and seems to navigate through tracks quicker in the MMI