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    Google maps are no more!

    Had my rs3 in at perth audi today, google maps overlay stopped just before Christmas as per everyone else they checked my vin car was built end of May 2018 I now have the overlay back no charge under warranty happy days
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    Is this an issue.

    Never encountered that on my 2018 yours will have the dreaded filter in the exhaust perhaps it's something to do with its function at start up
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    UWO. (unidentified windscreen object )

    Looks like it could be an active windscreen aerial ,does it have an aftermarket radio .?
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    Two Buckled Wheels

    Take them to a reputable wheel refurbisher it's amazing what they can straighten out these days at a fraction of the cost a dealer will charge for replacements
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    2018 vs. 2019 vs. 2020 RS3

    Think those packs are country / region specific so wouldn't apply to Canada
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    Rs3 opf filter; year?

    Mines is late June 2018 and is OPF free one of the last face lift cars before the stop in manufacture, for about 6-8 months and the introduction of OPF. At the end of the day I would be choosing a FL car for many more reasons than the sound of the exhaust which at times is great at others is a...
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    Flaky Bumper Paint

    Had something similar on 2 year old TTS dealer sorted in no problem under warranty
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    Depreciation of new RS3 vs. new S3

    The added functionality over standard is that when you come to a stop the green brake symbol comes up and you can remove your foot from the brake pedal until it's time to move of without any other interaction, means you can hover over the accelerator and plant it as you feel necessary, the...
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    New RS7 now on Configurator

    They are standard options on RS , on top model not called 360 but says two front and rear cameras and two side cameras, vc standard equipment
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    No 'real' spare tire are they kidding?

    Cant remember the last car I owned that had a spare :blink:
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    B8.5 Rusty Wings

    Had blistering paint fixed on my 2015 TTS on the rear bumper wheel arch although obviously not rust as it was on the plastic, in fact they resprayed the whole bumper under warranty for nothing with out any hassle at all. Still think this is very dependant on the dealers point of view luckily I...
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    What infuriates you whilst driving?

    But they might have full brake assist which puts the brake lights on nowt you can do about it except switch it of , so you will be blinded more and more :-)
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    Vodafone Protect & Connect 5

    That's why I keep the tracker on my house keys which are separate from my car keys, but with me when ever I use the car just like my wallet but without having to stuff the large card in it....
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    For Sale 2 x 255/30/19 & 2 x 235/35/19 Pirelli Pzero R02

    Hi , where about are you located?
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    Vodafone Protect & Connect 5

    Here you go, the Vodafone was originally cobra which is why its hard to find looks like its out of stock though :sorry:
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    Vodafone Protect & Connect 5

    You can buy a leather holder that goes on a key ring , got one for mine as they are to bulky for wallet and tend to try to escape from your pocket , I will try and find a link, from what I can remember it wasn't cheep :wtf:
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    Facelift Appreciating value?

    Is it not to do with the gpf cars only being able to rev to 3000 when stationary think I saw this on some YouTube videos and it seemed to effect the launch mode, bogged down, where as before it holds at 4000 on launch........might have imagined it all though :-)
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    Woke up this morning to my car unlocked with all windows open. Key not working.

    If you hold the unlock button down I believe all the windows open, just like if you hold the close button all the windows will close, perhaps the button has been stuck down or if it was in your pocket pressed against something might also explain why it's now got no juice, boy down the road from...
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    Rs3 traction control

    Yes I have the staggered setup
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    Rs3 traction control

    Never had any issues with tc on my fl I always drive in manual with most drive select settings in dynamic don't know if that has any baring on its sensitivity