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  1. claire09x

    2015 A1 Facelift RS Style Grille - upate???

    Anyone know when there will be an RS grill for the new style A1s? been waiting a year for xenonz haven't released one yet!
  2. claire09x


    Winter is coming so bought a new pair of shoes for my car.. now i cant decide whether my optional extra wheels or black editions (winter wheels) look best?
  3. claire09x

    Boot Wrap - black ring opinions?

    Got my boot wrapped last night and love it.. some people now suggesting black rings? front and back? none? opinions please!!
  4. claire09x

    A1 Facelift Arrived

    Ordered my 2015 facelift Audi A1 in march. It was delivered to my house on the 22/05/2015. Love it!! Daytona Grey High Gloss Black Styling Pack Comfort Pack - Cruise Control, Auto Lights, Auto Wipers, Rear Parking Sensors, Interior Lights Privacy Glass 18” ‘5-arm Wing’ design high gloss...