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  1. jungle650

    Any way to check if an ECU has been locked?

    PM sent. Regds Jungle
  2. jungle650

    Any way to check if an ECU has been locked?

    If interested in an ECU I have one that is like new. I purchased it new and used it for just 4 months just before I sold my RS3. Perfect for your needs and suitable for FL RS3 67 plate onwards. Its just a paper weight for me at present for if you are interested please DM me and we can discuss...
  3. jungle650

    Rs3 valve control programming?

    No it does not interfere with the Ghost Immobiliser. My Cete one worked a treat. expensive, but has others have said has a good resale value , is very easy to fit and works superbly. I would not have an RS3 without one.
  4. jungle650

    Taking wheels off to clean them

    You are too kind. :friends: Just adding my little bit here and there when I think it might help someone in the future Thx Jungle
  5. jungle650

    Facelift RS3 Lowering options

    I agree. I had zero issues with my spacers ( 8mm hubcentric H&R ) . Double check they are all mounted flush and secure then get you wheels balance checked.
  6. jungle650

    APR Exhaust Valve Remote

    Selling my Cete - Active Valve Control module if anyone is interested. Car now sold so no longer required. Only been on my car for about 1,000 miles. The Cete version is more expensive but is installed direct into the cars internal canbus and works seamlessly with the cars normal buttons /...
  7. jungle650

    Buying advice

    Buy on condition, spec and mileage. Number of owners at that level (ie 3 in 18 months ) is fine. Its very common when you start to look at performance cars that the cars change hands more frequently than run of the mill models so dont let that put you off. As an example in the Porsche...
  8. jungle650

    Facelift Inlays / Trim - Alu Ilumintated or CF...

    Yes the rears light up as well. Both front and rear together. Front
  9. jungle650

    Bike carrier

    I have the Audi Roof racks which I mount to the cars roof rails. I have the Pan Roof and there is full clearance so you can use the roof. I then use the Thule 598 Bike carriers which work a treat. Thule also have an older model the 591 which is cheaper and similar but not quite as good as the...
  10. jungle650

    Reiger front splitter/lip

    I had the Rieger splitter on my old PFL S3 and thought it was a great bit of kit at a fair price. Much nicer IMO than the Maxton offering. The fit and finish was perfect, all holes were in the correct place and a peice of cake to fit with the supplied rivets. All I had to buy was a rivet gun...
  11. jungle650

    Dead P-Zero’s

    Not just an RS3 issue ?... very similar wear points in this post. Pirelli Tyres in the A3 MBQ platform.
  12. jungle650

    Drive Select on Start Up

    Fair enough, but for most people the main reason they select Dynamic on start up is for the exhaust sound and to eliminate the start up rattle. The module does this. Granted it has no effect or memory function to gearbox, or suspension setup.
  13. jungle650

    Drive Select on Start Up

    There are after market mods that resolve this issue, just like there are Start/Stop memory modules to eliminate the annoyance of constantly turning SS off. Somthing like this active valve exhaust module works very well. Its superb, enables memory function of exhaust flaps and the ability to...
  14. jungle650

    Fitted some Eibachs today..

    All of these things are based on personal taste my friend. I never used spacers on my PFL S3 and I was pleased with it. However if I was to do it again and looking at some old pics ...yes I might consider it as the rear wheels are tucked under and this is pronounced further with the lowering...
  15. jungle650

    Fitted some Eibachs today..

    Morning @Jimbob76 1) -Ride height measurements. Its not un common for one corner or in fact every corner to have slightly different measurements. So you are doing well with just one corner reflecting a small difference. I had very similar meaurements on my S3 albeit marginal on passenger rear...
  16. jungle650

    Fitted some Eibachs today..

    Didnt feel the need to fit any to the S3. .... But I fitted these to a RS3 running Eibach Pros.. lots of discussion on forums about 8, 10 and 12mm spacers, and different set ups front to back. I kept it simple, with 8mm all round!, perfect in my eyes and no issues. H&R Hubcentric 8mm spacers...
  17. jungle650

    Fitted some Eibachs today..

    :rockwoot: Hey @Jimbob76 , Yes I had the new top mounts and bearings fitted at the same time on good advice from a couple of the guys on the forum like @Rob2k68. If your car has done more than 10-15k miles its worth doing, especially on the PFL cars as it was a weak point from memory hence a...
  18. jungle650

    Just ordered Eibach sportline

    Eibachs are great springs for the 8V platform at their price point. I did a write up when I fitted them to my S3. Jungle
  19. jungle650

    Winter storage

    You will still need an outside cover as the car port reamins open to the elements. Take a look at Halfords which sell decent outdoor covers at a reasonable cost. You can obv purchase more custom items from someone like but dependent on spec of the cover may cost more. Jungle
  20. jungle650

    Diamond cutting refurb

    A full on Diamond Cut renewal is very expensive and you will loose the wheels for 2-4 days at least. A smart repair as others have stated wont give you the diamond cut edge but will make them look very presentable. The repair job is only as good as the person working on the wheels, so ‘man in...