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  1. Liddo

    £320 For First Oil Service! WTF!

    Hi All My S5 will be going back to the leasing company at the end of March, but its due its first oil service. I've been quoted £320 by two local dealers for this, and WTF! its a 10 min job and the oil isn't made of gold surely! I've also be quoted a reasonable (ish) £198 by an Audi...
  2. Liddo

    S5 Sportback Drivers Door Rattle?

    Afternoon All Does anyone else have a rattle coming from within their drivers door??? If I move the window down a smidge, it seems to stop! But it does sound like its coming from within the panel as I can stop the rattle from the outside. Not sure if worth a trip to the dealers, but its...
  3. Liddo

    VIM Doesnt work on 2018 models!

    Gutted! Just tried to set VIM to active in my 2017 S5 and noticed OBDEleven says it doesnt work on software revisions 1116 or newer! Mines on 1117 :( Anyone else got around this yet???
  4. Liddo

    How much will my S5 be in 2 years?

    Afternoon All Does anyone have any idea what my S5 will be worth in two years?? If im still enjoying the car after the lease ends, I may ask Audi to sell it to me instead of it going to auction. It will have a maximum of 20k miles on the clock and hopefully be immaculate. Any thoughts??
  5. Liddo

    Shiney Pipes from Solvol Autosol

    I bought some Solvol Autosol after hearing good things about it, and what can I say.........its brilliant stuff! It cleans all the baked on black soot off REALLY easily and the pipes come up like new ;)
  6. Liddo

    OBDEleven Ambient Lighting?

    Afternoon Ive gone and bought the OBDEleven device, plugged it in and had a play. Ive active the Ambient Lighting, but it doesn't show in the menu system, have I done it right??? Also, I stuck a usb pen in with video files on, and the system just keeps scrolling through the files and wont play...
  7. Liddo

    Alarm starting to go off!

    Afternoon Has anyone with a new S5/A5 had their alarms go off all by themselves?? Not windy, no windows open etc etc. Mines done it a few times today, although it seems to have settled down now. Cheers
  8. Liddo

    Annoying rattle, passenger seat belt

    Afternoon All Anyone else got the passenger seat belt rattling against the side of the passenger seat? :rage: Going to have to put some felt down the side of the seat as its doing my head in :D
  9. Liddo

    New S5 arrived...WHAT a car!

    Well, she arrived this morning and all's I can say is im in love :hearteyes: Cant help but keep it in sport mode so I can hear the popping and banging :grinning: Had the Mrs screaming like she was on a roller coaster :tearsofjoy: she said "Cars DO NOT need to be that fast :tearsofjoy:. It wasnt...
  10. Liddo

    They giveth S5, then taketh away!

    Well, I was excited to get a phone call yesterday, saying my new S5 will be delivered on Thursday, over a week early :D I thought it was strange as the tracker was still at stage 40 (Grimsby). So today Ive been ringing around for insurance quotes, clearing my old car of my bits n bobs ready to...
  11. Liddo

    A4 1.4 Sport to S5 Sportback! Yipeeee

    Morning All Just joined the forum to gather more info on my new lease that will be arriving end of Sept. I leased an A4 1.4 TFSI Sport last June on a 2yr lease at £180 a month (stupid not to). Its a lovely car for pottering around in, but not much umph! I'd signed up to about...