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  1. jamesalex

    My new S3

    Nice choice dude... love the colour and it doesn't stand out as much as i feared!
  2. jamesalex

    chipped-uk ST-3 group buy

    Ive just ordered my s3 today (12 weeks!)...can i still get on this deal anyone?
  3. jamesalex

    Black Edition

    Production confirmed usually means 3-4 weeks in my experience from work. They have to build and then transport from Germany somewhere .. Black edition looks sweet. Just ordering an S3 any time now and lead time is still 12 weeks same as a factory order sport 3dr 1.9tdie i ordered last month. I...
  4. jamesalex

    True Story - made me laugh

    Excellent!! I didn't even see that comming ha ha ha
  5. jamesalex

    R8 5.2 FSI - Official Press Materials for the new V10 R8

    Euro lottery next week is £32m ha ha. Wheels are definatly different..not sure if they give you a bit of a headache though...awsome in white too!
  6. jamesalex

    Renault 5 Gt turbo

    Quality car!! As with anything the Chavs moved on to other cars like the Saxo etc and the R5 became cool again. Just seen a mint condition Grey G plate and it looked ace. I had the Escort series two and i actually have dreams about still owning that car!!!
  7. jamesalex

    Mini John Cooper Works

    Cool with the roll cage and stipped out rear seats (thinks this an option???) I know someone that had one of the first gen and had to get rid as they said the suspension was rock hard on speed bumps etc but they were old though!
  8. jamesalex

    Prospective S4 Cabriolet Owner

    Im looking at the leon Fr at the moment as can get a cheap deal.