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  1. J14XOB

    Launch Control Issues

    2014 S3 Sportback: Attempted to perform a launch control today, Dynamic mode, ESC Off and In Sport gearbox mode. Just sat and span the tyres, it's sitting on continental SportContact 2's from the dealer. Any idea what I am doing wrong? Bit worrying when your car smells like burnt...
  2. J14XOB

    702N Turbo :/

    Got my S3 Less than two weeks ago and just found out I have the 702N Turbo - What is everyones suggestions with proceeding? I did plan to stage 1 and onwards but am now unsure. Will audi do anything if I take it to them, or just tell me that its twoddle from the forum.
  3. J14XOB

    VCDS - Valve *Delete*

    Hey Guys, Wondering if anyone in the Lincolnshire area would be willing/able to code my S3's valves to stay open all the time. Please let me know, Thanks
  4. J14XOB

    DTUK vs Racechip vs JP4

    Hey Guys, Any previous experience, what's best for a 2014 PFL S3 Sportback? Thanks
  5. J14XOB

    Pre-FL S3: Most effective way to make more noise?

    Hey guys! Just collected by S3 Sportback PFL today, amazing so far coming from a 1.8TFSI A3. I had the previous car stage 1 and intend to do the same with the S3. Whats the easiest/cheapest way to get some more noise from the car without failing an MOT or changing the whole exhaust system (I...