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  1. Nickl

    RS3 and Tuning possibilities

    Suspect the figures will be pretty similar to the previous gen's (and TTRS) maps which were around 410bhp stage 1, 420-30 stage 2… guess they will be a little higher due to the additional 20bhp stock? Never had any issues with warrenty work on previously modded cars, guess it comes down to...
  2. Nickl

    Tech Pack or Tech Pack with Audi Connect???

    Personally can't really see the point in the connect stuff, can't say I ever need to use the internet whilst in the car, think the only advantage is the google maps satellite view on the sat nav, but can't justify the extra cost just for that. The main advantage of speccing the tech pack is...
  3. Nickl

    RS3 8V Orders List

    Ordered mine around three weeks ago: Nardo grey Black pack Black roof rails Tech pack Comfort and sound pack Dynamic pack Sports seats Grey wheels Still haven't received a build week though, booo ;(
  4. Nickl

    Poll: What Colour did you order/get???

    Nardo grey!