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  1. Agric04

    Wheel Swap A5 BE+

    I’m toying with the idea of swapping my 2015 19” gloss black black edition plus alloys for the standard 19” black edition rotors if anyone is interested? I’d only be interested in swapping if there is someone out there with genuine rotors in good condition from a 2013 A5 or newer. I’ve...
  2. Agric04

    What have Audi done to the 3.0tdi exhaust!!!!

    Am I wrong or have Audi dropped the dual exhaust on the new Audi A5 3.0tdi? If this is right, why would they do this? The dual exhaust really makes the 3.0tdi look the part imo! They most be scraping the bottom of the barrel of the spare parts bin as they come to the end of production!
  3. Agric04

    Q5 Q5 buying advice

    Hi I'm in need of some Q5 buying advice if anyone has experience to share. I've a baby on the way so we're looking to change our 2014 3dr A3 to a more family friendly 2009/10 Q5. Must haves: S-tronic S-line Tow bar prep Sat nav Tinted windows Heated front seats Does anyone know what build...
  4. Agric04

    Will 3.0tdi dual exhaust fit 2.0tdi?

    I'm struggling to find any information on this, so I'm hoping someone can help. I have a 2015 2.0 tdi Black Edition Plus Quattro S-tronic 2dr coupe and I want to fit a dual exit exhaust to it. All I'm interested in is achieving the standard oem look of the 3.0tdi (the car I now wish I'd...
  5. Agric04

    Parts diagram needed - rear bumper

    Does anyone have a parts diagram and parts list for the rear bumper on an A5 coupe? I need to know if the rear valance can be ordered pre cut for a tow bar or if they have to be cut out by hand? The reason for this question is Audi are swapping the valance on my car but have cut the tow bar...
  6. Agric04

    Integrated Dashcam

    Does anyone know if there is a company out there that makes a good discrete integrated hd dashcam rather than a bulky camera stuck on the windscreen with wires trailing over the dash? Would be great if it could utilise the cars inbuilt hdd but that's probably too much to ask. Shame Audi don't...
  7. Agric04

    A5 BE painted brake calliper pics please

    Anyone painted their brake callipers? Can't decide if I should or not seeing as they are just standard 2.0tdi ones! Or if I do what colour to paint them! Car will be Sepang blue with the new BE+ black Y spoke alloys. Pics would be good if anyone has some?
  8. Agric04

    Has anyone had a genuine Audi active sport exhaust fitted to their 2.0tdi?

    Hi, only about 6 weeks to wait until my new BE+ A5 Coupe 2.0tdi arrives, but already wondering if I've made a mistake scrimping and opting for the 2.0tdi rather than the 3.0tdi! But at £4k more and lower mpg I've tried to be a little sensible as I do quite a few miles! Although I really wish I...
  9. Agric04

    Do you get a user manual book with the A5 with Tech pack?

    Just bought a 9 month old ex demo A5 black edition 2.0tdi coupe form Stockport Audi but I didn't get a user manual booklet, the sales guy told me all you get these days is a cd which you download and view on the cars screen, could someone who has bought a new A5 with the technology pack tell me...
  10. Agric04

    What MPG are you getting?

    The A1 looks to have some really impressive quoted mpg figures but what are people getting in real life?
  11. Agric04

    Buying used A4 from dealership - Advice Needed

    Hi I currently have a 2001 Audi S3 which is a great car but I'm looking to change it, but have found myself in a bit of a situation with my local dealership! I've ordered a new 2.0 tdi black edition A1 which was meant to arrive in May but I've just been told it won't arrive until the end of...
  12. Agric04

    S3 modded car insurance

    Anyone any tips for me. I will need to renew my insurance soon and the s3 is due to go into Jabbasport on 5th May for remap, H&R springs & Koni fsd's and poly bushes. I'm 32 with full ncb. What sort of prices are people paying on fully comp insurance with modded S3's? Do any insurance...
  13. Agric04

    My latest S3 mods H&R Springs with Koni FSD Dampers & Jabbasport remap etc...

    I've got the S3 booked into Jabbasport on the 4th May to get the remaining bushes swapped out for Superpro polybushes, new rear arb, braided brake lines, a generic Jabbasport remap and H&R springs (25mm drop) and Koni FSD dampers. Also getting the timing belt, water pump & tensioners changed...
  14. Agric04

    Performance mod ideas please S3 8L

    I'm looking for some ideas on improving the performance of my currently standard 2001 S3 AMK over the next year or so. My main remit is improved power whilst not killing the fuel economy or preferably improving it! Is this even possible? Any suggestions?
  15. Agric04

    Latest performance mod!! S3 8L Westfalia detachable towbar install

    Ok so not exactly a performance mod and probably not high up there on the list of cool mods to do to an S3 for most people. Don't worry I won't be towing any trailers or caravans, this is purely for mounting my Thule bike carrier on so I don't risk damaging the paintwork using roof bars or an...
  16. Agric04

    Bit extreme S3 8L transplant BAM into AMK

    Hi this might sound nuts but I have a 2001 S3 AMK with 130k on the clock, runs ok nothing major yet, but here comes the nuts part, my mum's 2001 TT BAM with 70k is coming up for a change, it hasn't had the easiest of lives bodywork wise it's a wreck, it would need a complete respray due to a...
  17. Agric04

    Audi S3 MAF readings

    Hi could someone give me some advice as to wheather or not I my maf sensor is reading correctly. The print out shows a run I did a run in 4th gear the other day. I'm just feeling the car is lacking a certain oomph and I'm suspecting the maf sensor but not sure if the readings I have are normal...
  18. Agric04

    Audi S3 8L aerial base replacement needed

    Has anyone replaced their aerial base recently? My 2001 Audi S3 aerial base has perished and I need a replacement but don't know where the best place to source one from is. I've tried the local dealership but they say they have discontinued this item when they search against my chassis...
  19. Agric04

    Audi S3 replace oil pump

    Hi, bought my 2001 AMK S3 129k in January. Had a few problems with it one of which being a faulty breather pipe which has caused excessive creaming on the filler cap and in the breather pipes. I was thinking it would a good precaution to replace the oil pump incase any of this gunk has found...
  20. Agric04

    Audi S3 8L Alloy Brake Pedals

    I've seen a few MK1 S3's with what look like MK1 TT alloy clutch/brake/accelerator pedals fitted, which I think looks really smart. Does anyone know if this is a straight forward swap and how much the stealers might charge for such luxury items? Thanks