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    Anyone else struggle with sline seats?

    hi again, Struggling to get comfortable in my sline seats on a.4dt avant. Tried a lot of positions and watched a few videos. I am 6 foot, 1inch and have long legs, slight belly. I find it needs to be quite upright with my head virtually touching the head rest all the time. I thought that head...
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    Looking to swap my sports suspension for comfort

    hi there, I raised this in another thread and had it all checked out. My sport b9 suspension is working as intended and has done 1000 miles at time of writing, I am looking to swap with someone who has se comfort suspension. Ideally In a car that has done less than 10k I will pay for...
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    Trying to find decent oem wheel caps

    lost one already and can't find them. 2027 Audi A4 avant with standard 18 inch sline wheels They seem to measure 60mm and are dark grey with chrome outline. Weird cos all on eBay seem to be 69mm in that colour?
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    Received my a4 and one thing really let me down

    hi guys, I got my a4 avant 218 Quattro sline and thanks for helping me with the spec. I drive the same car in saloon format and all seemed fine. The ride though has really let me down. It doesn't like the roads in my country location and I guess I really should have ticked that box for comfort...
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    Which colour is this? I know it's a5 but I think they have same colours? Looks either manhattan grey or osidean black?
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    Sline leather cloth seat colour

    Hi, I only saw one choice on configurator which was black for standard sline seats I saw some half grey ones and really didn't like them. Can someone confirm these must hav been alcantara and not cloth? Just want to make sure I'm getting black black ones
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    New Member New Car

    Hello peoples, Very excited as I have just ordered a brand new car for the first time in my life. Looking for comments on spec, discount and tax. Just spoke to my broker who says we should get it delivered and registered for late march. I really hope I make this because as of the 1st of...