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    Radiator fans working sometimes

    My both radiator fans started to work whenever they want. Basically even with the engine still cold the fans start to work and stops after a depends how much They seem to work in full throttle. Audi dealer said both fans need to be changed :( Anyone could explain your experiences...
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    19´´ BBS from A6 4F

    I was doing calculations.... and.... 8.5´´ offset 48 VS 8'' offset 42 (like yours married) and results are... Both would fit exactly the same having the outer part as a reference. Meaning the wheel would be really on the same line as the arch, correct married? Basically I don't like to see...
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    19´´ BBS from A6 4F

    Yes, 5x112....they are Audi wheels. But I'm worried that the wheels come out of the arches. And that it could rub on the inside of arches. I've noticed almost no one tried to use 8.5´´ wheels. And since in A6 it comes with 255, I'd say that a 225 tire would be really thin inside that big...
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    19´´ BBS from A6 4F

    Hi there, From long time ago I'm trying to understand if I would be able to put some 19'', 8,5'' ET48 BBS wheels 2 parts from A6 4F model in my 8P model. Basically what makes doubts to me are the 8.5´´, one inch more than standard, and also how the 225 tires would fit in a wheel which...
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    S-Line Std springs

    What about the shocks? Aren't they different between Ambition (Sport) vs S-Line?
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    Retrofit Cruise

    What kind of service needs to be done to "enable" the cruise device presviously mounted? I don't have VAG-COM, meaning I do need to go to the dealer so that the cruise control is enabled, but I need to know exactly what kind of service is that. Regards.
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    Mine's 04 TDi double frame, and my xenons does do flicks (as it would be if the lamp is not fully fixed) when the car is moving, of course a little more with bad surfaces, or just because of firm suspension set for Sport configuration.
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    My car lowered with Eibach Sportline

    If you have already or don't mind to take another picture from the front side, similar to the last one sent by you in this thread, but more from the front. When you mean if you stand by 90 degrees you only see the rim confuses me. Sorry for my disturbance. /NB
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    Engine air filter

    Hi Pedro, mine's 2.0TDi.... Is S3 also changing airfilter after 90kkm's? :P /Nuno
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    Engine air filter

    I'm from Coimbra, but working in Lisbon ;)
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    Engine air filter

    The issue with air filter is that I use a cleanable filter, therefore I was trying to understand how the car maintenance behaves. Two other questions about maintenance plans: - for the TDI cases, I don't see anything about replacement of gasoil filter, any intervals, nothing - manual refers...
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    Engine air filter

    Do you reckon air filter for the engine to breath should be replaced every 90 thousand Km's. Is it? I'm reading maintenance manual and got to the conclusion that it would be replaced any additional 90k km's. Please verify it please. In my case, I'll clean it every 30k at least.
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    Top Up Oil Spec 2.0TDi

    505.01 Semi-Synthetic (normal plan) 506.01 Long-Life 507.00 (new generation for Long-Life. From Audi dealer the only one available in future for Long-Life)
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    My car lowered with Eibach Sportline

    What do you meab by lined-up? Are front wheels exactly the same line than the arches? I prefer to see it a little bit inside. I was trying to understand how will fit some 19'' wheels from S6, the BBS bi-parted, you know? Rgds
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    My car lowered with Eibach Sportline

    Jepson, can you take a picture from the side only? I'm searching how some 19'' with 48ET and 8.5'' would fit. I don't want them to be wider than the arches, a bit to the interior of the arch if possible. From my calculations my desired configuration would be 2 mm out than yours. Rgds.
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    Xenon-Plus retrofit to normal Xenon

    Do you know if it is just the swap changes between headlights needed to convert Xenon into Xenon-plus?
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    S line wheels.

    ET54, almost sure. 7.5'' wide.
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    Question ?

    I can tell you I had some problems with ac, and basically I noticed that because the econ does not goes off. Go to the dealer because almost for sure you have a fault. Basically if the system detects any problem with aircon it turns on econ all the time, because ac cannot be turned on.
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    How hard do you find your suspension?

    Ireland should be similar to Portugal in what concerns S-line configuration. Here in PT they come out with old RS4 stile in 17''....auwful indeed! I'd say it's because our roads are really terrible...holes and bumps all over.
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    Sportline springs fitted

    married do you still have yours pro-kit available?