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    S6 Fault codes

    Please could someone assist me in telling me what the below fault means and the best way of rectifying it. 17819 P1411 035 Bank 2, secondary air system through flow too low. Also, could someone with an S6 please advise as to what the average mpg I should be expecting from this with a mixtire...
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    S3 Colours? - Pics please...

    Cactus Green
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    S3 Colours? - Pics please...

    Hopefully a picture now
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    S3 Colours? - Pics please...

    Here is my Cactus Green S3 Cactus Green
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    Tyre Noise

    GSD 2 before, but I am getting increased noise and I was wondering if it was the tyres.
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    Tyre Noise

    Just had Goodyear Eagle F1s GSD3 fitted to my car and I was wondering if anyone has noticed greater tyre noise with these tyres.
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    Number Plates

    Just pull them as they are only sticky pads. You wont damage the car.
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    Newbie - Soon to be A3 Owner

    Simon, do you live in or around Tunbridge Wells?
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    Antera 343's..

    I think that they will look different, I am just finding it difficult (post party night) to visualise,
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    Polo good solid motor?

    Had me in stitches
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    A3 S3 Colours AGAIN!.....(yawn).....i was bored OK!

    Pearlescent paint is like a pearl in that ir slightly changes colour. ie my car is cactus green pearl, and it is a green with a gold coloured metalic flake in it. Civic Type-Rs in black are a pearl paint as you look closely in a cars headlight you will see that the flake in the paint os blue.
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    Cleaning products.

    I use Nielson A Sheen. I think that is is an interior polish, but use it on tyres and it is brill. (Pants interior stuff though)
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    Black rimed S3

    Looks good, but what about a very dark grey/Magnesium colour. Sometimes black makes the wheel look smaller in my opinion
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    Whats my S3 Worth these days??

    Convertible at the moment. Not wanting to advertise (I don't work on commission) here is our website Compass (If this causes offence to anyone, please feel free to remove it)
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    Whats my S3 Worth these days??

    Probably will from a dealer, but the point I was making is that as an independant, we could not work on those figures. Based on the valuation you have we would be able to put the car up for £19995.
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    Farting bose speaker

    The trim needs to be removed, but the bose speakers are very expensive. I had to replace a front one for £70 and Audi wanted £104 (trade price)
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    Whats my S3 Worth these days??

    You can with a new car, but not with a used car. That is what a warranty is for. We have taken cars back though sometimes, however generally our cars are prepared to a high standard, we would always fix a problem. We want repeat customers. You don't get that by messing people about.
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    Whats my S3 Worth these days??

    We would not be able to sell the car for the full retail price as noted by cap. That is why we have a Ferrari 360 Spyder at £100k which is almost the scrap value. I understand what you are saying but the car he is buying will need work or has had work, so there will be £1500 in that one to...
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    Whats my S3 Worth these days??

    Trade prices are as follows £17350 clean, £16350 Average, £15350 below, and retail will be £19850. However as a garage we would look to buy that in at 16-16500 and sell it at £17500 - £18000. Hope this helps without upsetting you too much