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    Running Issues at Cold

    Think you should give feathers diesel a call mate they are suppose to be shot hot with pd engines mines off on sat there
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    Reasons for excessive smoke

    Mine White smokes and stinks change injector loom checked timing and had new temp sensor 1000 mile ago any ideas
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    Hot tuning coilovers

    Bought of a mate looks mint wen decked but never got chance to fit them on mine plus selling my a4 due too need a van for work don't want too spoil the car buy getting it filthy
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    Hot tuning coilovers

    i have a set of fk coilovers i may sell if intrested
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    Bigger injectors to tdi

    As any one put bigger injectors in there car my mate as just done it in is vw caddy van he used them out of a transporter 150 tdi anyone done any thing like this on here
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    Car White smokes for a while wen started up

    Think I'll take it to a guy who no wot he's doing
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    Car White smokes for a while wen started up

    Can any one tell me y 1.9 tdi White smokes for about 3 minutes maybe longer wen ticking over
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    Turbo upgrade on my tdi

    I have 115 bhp avant just wondering if I can put a bigger turbo on it and if so wot will fit
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    Cupra r splitter

    I put mine on s line bumper and only had to trim the the lugs in the middle of it to the flat point mine was 25 quid from seat Wakefield
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    1.9TDI Clutch Advice

    see if u can get a for it paddle clutch they is a place in leeds wot does them
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    S-Line front bumper

    I've been to Audi today and I got side grills for £16 quid for the middle one it's £123 wot a **** take just put a cupra spiltter on mine too Get some photos up soon wen finished
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    Rs4 b5 coilovers

    Will they fit b6 1.9 tdi Might be stupid question
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    Lower bumper grills

    Was a buy it now on eBay just hope they fit off a private seller
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    Lower bumper grills

    Just bought a full set off eBay just hope there the right ones but was only 25 quid
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    Lower bumper grills

    Wot is difference with 3 and 4
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    Lower bumper grills

    Is they any difference in size of the s line grill to the sport grills
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    Bleeding coolant on 1.9 tdi

    Does any one no were the bleed screw is on 1.9 tdi