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    DSG vs. "D" mode 2006 A3

    re Launch Control. If you have your manual it tells you what to do. IIRC you turn off ESP, Put gear stick into S, put your left foot on the brake and with your right foot press the throttle down to the floor and it holds at about 3,500 rpm. As soon as you take your foot off the brake it will...
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    Audi A3 3.2 Quattro DSG 2004 (engine light) can anyone help

    Hmmm, sounds very similar to what I went through with my 3.2. If you get Audi to do the work its going to cost you between £1600 to £2k depending on the extent of parts required. I think I paid just under £1700 for everything and that was with discounted labor rates due to the age of the car...
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    DSG vs. "D" mode 2006 A3

    Yes, in D mode the gearbox will get into the highest gear as soon as possible as this is required for optimal efficiency re MPG. When you select manual you are obviously in control of the gear change and the higher the rpm the worse the MPG will be (but having a lot more fun)! Have you tried S...
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    What would you pay for my car?

    These kind of threads are always difficult to respond to without risk of offending the OP. However, if you take all this on the chin as it's only individuals opinions after all, then here go's. IMO I'd say anywhere between £7.5k and £9.5k all depends on overall condition. The suspension and...
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    Petrol cap won't open!?!

    Cheers Geraldy212
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    Petrol cap won't open!?!

    Tried to fill up this morning and it wouldn't open. It opened a bit on the popper just enought for me to notice that the little metal locking pin had not retracted. I tried locking and unlocking the car but to no avail. Luckily I still had 100 miles to go so just carried on to work. I...
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    Retrofitting Lighting Pack?

    Is it possible to fit the puddle, footwell, door, centre console etc lights to an A3? Mine has the standard lighting so map and sunvisors only. I like the idea of the red ambient lighting and the footwell and puddle lights. If it's possible how easy is it to do and does it require any coding?
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    Brimming the tank

    Agreed, and I wouldn't want to be following you on my motorbike with all your fresh fuel leaking out on to the road, even moreso if it's diesel!!!!!!!!!
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    Standard 17" sport wheels fit over big brakes?

    The wheels shown on your sig are fitted to A3 3.2 SQ's and 3.2 brake discs are 345mm diameter. If your brakes are bigger than this it's possible they won't fit. My 3.2 is fitted with 18's and the discs don't leave much room when cleaning the wheels so the 17's must be real tight!
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    Interior/Exterior LED Kits

    As title, I'm looking at upgrading my lighting and wondered if these e-bay items will do the trick: Audi A3 (8P) 2003- FULL INTERIOR LED Bulbs KIT WHITE | eBay Alternatively does anyone on here do a kit for both interior and exterior?
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    Launch Control not woking.. Im the only one?

    Unfortunately the same can't be said for the engine/transmission mount brackets!!!
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    A3_Adam's Build thread

    Great wheel choice
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    Launch Control not woking.. Im the only one?

    Strange, mines an 04 with S-tronic and I have LC! Only used it once though as I'm too mechanically sympathetic. It feels horrifically harsh on the drivetrain but maybe it's not quite as bad on lower powered versions.
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    A3 3.2 2004 missfire

    Is the erratic idle getting worse over time? Are you unable to hold a constant 2000rpm idle when the cars in neutral? If the answers are yes I would strongly suspect you have the cam-chain/cam-chain adjuster issue. Get it looked at asap as the longer you leave it the worse it will get. As for...
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    Anyone gone from a 3.2 to an S3 or vice-versa?

    I currently drive a 3.2 and as much as I love it and as much as it's cost me in repairs in the last year (cam-chains, cam-chain tensioners, juddering issues etc) I still wonder if a newer S3 might float my boat. I like the seamless power delivery and the way it pulls from a standstill. I like...
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    S3 Economy- Genuine Stats Please!

    (controversial mode on) All this talk about MPG figures and especially from the S3 owners! If MPG is your bag why buy a 170 TDI or an S3 in the first place. At the end of the day the 170 TDI is the "performance" option of the TDI engines, same as the S3 is for the petrol engines. Nowadays going...
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    3.2 QS Warning lights!

    Yes, the 3.2 was part of the recall and I had 2 of mine replaced by Walton Audi about 2 months ago along with a tonne of other work (see previous threads!). I also had the MAF replaced a month prior to that. Drove into work this morning and nothing untoward happened. Runs great with no apparent...
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    3.2 QS Warning lights!

    3.2 doesn't have a turbo so one less thing it could be ;) Thanks for the prompt response though.
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    3.2 QS Warning lights!

    Driving home earlier and as I looked down at the clocks after an overtake I'm sure I saw the EPS and Emission Control System light come on but as soon as I noticed them they dissapeared. I'd just carried out an overtake up to about 65mph in manual mode and then slipped it back into automatic...
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    3.2 update

    Hi, please explain exactly the issues your having? I have gone through similar recently so may be able to advise!?!