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    For Sale Richo PJWX5460 Projector

    Selling my Ricoh Projector, Used a Handful of times (Odd movie) just surplus to requirements now. Come with Remote and carry bag (Can through a HDMI in if needs be) More information on it - Looking for £400...
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    Rs3 8v 02 sensor

    Hi all Where would you guys get an 02 sensor from, the likes of euro car parts ect dont sell them Thanks all
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    Rs3 running rich

    Hi all Wondering if anyone has had a similar problem and if so what you change to fix it Thanks Karl
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    I personally went down the MRC route, i think mapping is very much a personal choice. Had some issues with mine with heatsoak (not ideal mapping a car in 33oc weather) but Doug persisted and over all very happy
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    Rs3 pfl forge piston valve

    Hi all Going to MRC next week for stage 2 and i was wondering if i should look into the forge High capacity piston valve, is this needed at all or is it just a marketing thing (and of course the blow off) Thanks Karl
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    Rs3 8v PFL bits wanted

    Replied :)
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    Rs3 8v PFL bits wanted

    Hi guys Im looking for a few bits so if anyone is looking to sell in the future please let me know. Downpipe decat, sports cat considered Forge/wagner/airtech IC Fuel pump Happy easter all Thanks :)
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    No they didn't, they did manage to steal 2 golfs and a passat just down the road.
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    A new thing police said
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    Had my rs3 arou d 5 weeks, last friday night our dog woke us up at 2.20am to the smell of burning. The little **** tards tried to blow tourch through the door. Little did they know we have rock doors so unless they had a tank they had no chance. Other than the rock doors and since the incident...
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    Anyone running the revo intake?

    I think it does, that low down induction growl and high pitch sucking mid, well worth it. Im sure they all sound similar
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    Anyone running the revo intake?

    I ended up with then eventuri off a guy on the forum, great noise. Not to everyone taste but its what i like :)
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    Orange RS3

    Sooooo i found out today my ******** are not big enough for orange :D, so went for a 2016 Sepang blue one with the front brakes changed and the new style tail lights (Is that an american turm ...) Wont bore you with the spec as we all know what they can come with
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    Orange RS3

    @Bristle Hound I'm tempted mate, my head is thinking what about resale. Do I play it safe and get the sepang they have in or wait to find a Nardo one...... I hate waiting :(
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    Orange RS3

    I believe it's this one It's not normally I colour id choose but it's different
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    Orange RS3

    What are people's thoughts on a 2016 orange RS3 with black pack. Been searching for a Nardo but I've been offered the above. Is orange too much and would it put you off ?
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    Hey all After much debate I've decided I want the PFL. If anyone is looking to sell in the next few months please let me know. I have a ideal spec in mind Nardo with black styling pack and black alloys Pano roof Sports seats (red stitching ideal) Sports exhaust ect ect 2016 ideal but not...
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    Post your B8 eBay, Classified and For Sale links in here. Do not create a thread

    Selling my S4 Avant (need the money freed for house deposit) had plans for a rs3 but house comes first well keeping the wife does :D Hope the link works Cheers
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    Which RS3

    Thanks swlabhot that's what I'm thinking. I think my mind is made up. Thanks guys