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    B7 RS4 V8 wiring diagram wanted

    Hi there I am after the wiring diagram for engine, gearbox and clocks if anyone can point me in the right direction....
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    For Sale - Genuine RS2 Front Bumper (Damaged)

    For Sale - Genuine RS2 Front Bumper listed on eBay....."]Linky...[/URL]
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    S2 interior

    The front seats will fit but the rear benches are totally different.
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    S2 Coupe Factory Paint Options....

    Take your pick :-) Laser red (LY3H) Casablanca White (LY9G)Alpine white (L90E)Pearl white (L0A9)Gorse YellowCrystal Silver (LY7T)Ruby Red (LZ3N)Amazon Green (LZ6M)Grey Pearl EffectVolcano Black (LZ9U)Blue pearl Effect (LZ5T)Indigo Blue (LZ5U)Brilliant Black (LY9B)Ragusa Green (LY6P)Amethyst...
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    S2/RS2 Pics thread.

    Here's my S2 :drool:
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    S2 (ABY) Fusebox Wiring Plug Help Needed

    Have you managed to sort this issue? if not all the wiring diagrams for the S2 are on Brian