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    I've just joined the 8V water pump club

    Anyone having continuing S3 coolant problems? My first service after 12 months, 8 thousand miles, trouble free months last week, mentioned I'd had to top the coolant reservoir up. Call to inform it needed new coolant pump, on back order so 6 days cold turkey. Car back couple of days ago -...
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    S3 Reviews...a collection

    I'll go with that one ...... He forgot to mention the essential roof rails on a Sportback but did everything else :-)
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    Feedback from those with S3s now

    Takes all sorts to make a world......, so here is my different take 6 months and nearly 6000 miles into S3 ownership. Nil faults Nil dislikes I still look forward to getting in it wherever I'm going and do just go for a drive / take long route for sake of it. Agree with the thread post likes...
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    Does through load facility still include folding rear seats

    Still includes folding seats and through load worthwhile .
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    MMI, Bluetooth and Spotify on iPhone

    Tested with blue collar / adapter on iPhone 5 and just as above. Solution = use Bluetooth.
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    MMI, Bluetooth and Spotify on iPhone

    Tend to use bluetooth for Spotify. Have blue cable will check it out tomorrow see if any different.
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    A3 Ordered Months Ago But Still No Build Date!

    TRY OTHER DEALERS, took me 4 months to get a build date and a further 4 to get the car. I ordered from a large Audi (biggest?) dealer who has outlets throughout Uk .... Including Birmingham. Dealers KNOW if they have enough allocation to fulfill orders but will keep you hanging if possible.
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    S3 Options Advice

    Good spec, personal preferences but roofbars add in my view. I believe body coloured mirrors are option now and for lower profile I would have specified.
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    Spotters Thread For 8V Chassis

    Not been behind one as 12 months of looking and still not seen one on the road. Smile on some people's faces behind me suggests it can be heard when peddle pressed tho'!
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    Audi A3 SD Sat-Nav

    Got SD dealer fitted pre delivery as part of final deal re delays etc. Technically just a SD requiring audi activation yes and in that respect silly money (as much software) however so glad I got it and would recommend at £500 if deals can't be done. Good nav, brings Dis into play also etc.
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    Feedback from those with S3s now

    It's a car and just a car but a very very decent one, seriously fast. Only thing is mine seems to get regular greasy nose shaped smudges on the drivers window ;-)
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    No tickets, parking or speeding, touch wood, fear for later. Petrol tank is small, regular Shell V power top ups. Alloys kerbed afraid so, downside of low profile tyres, similar to you on rear. Yes annoying, I knew it would only be a matter of time despite taking extra care, does anyone ever...
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    S3 Build/Delivery Dates

    LOL, you're probably right I live in hope for higher standards. Failing that they need to realise poor service will hit their bottom line, people will buy other brands, we have already passed on buying another audi and gone elsewhere.
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    S3 Build/Delivery Dates

    Understand decision to wait and at end of the day it's not the end of the world waiting, don't think you will be disappointed. However like you I think there is a real issue with Audi's customer care. They profess to listen to our (customer) views and go through all sorts of glitzy, we listen...
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    Aircon question with Dual Auto Climate control

    You meaning where the fog lights would otherwise go? Would have cost Audi all of about £2 to fit a mesh in there.
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    S3 400+ mile range club

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    S3 Build/Delivery Dates

    Wow Carnut 10 months is some wait, I did 8 and half thought that was gonna be a record. Like you contacted Audi CS, down to dealer allocations. Dealer Bull**** If I was doing it again I'd pull the deposit and go elsewhere if I'd known several months in advance.
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    Spotters Thread For 8V Chassis

    Been looking since last June and yet to see another S3 on the road, Suits me :-)
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    Collecting S3 tomorrow

    Enjoy, recall regular use of sport mode on first day. Just in case you've not spotted ( like me) handbook does suggest you shouldn't go much above 4000 revs for first 1000 miles. Limited excesses should be no problem. Personally I found using drive for most of those 1000 miles meant car...