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    Oh dear….how not to drive an S3

    the 3 brain cells that he had were not talking to each other.
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    Unplugged lead?

    Headlight vent pipe.. Slightly out of place but nothing to worry about
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    Cv boot rubber creaking

    Same issue on my wifes E tron. Noisy cv boot. spray it with wd40 and its gone for a short while. Nothing else can be done about it
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    Retrofit RS3 steering wheel. need help

    Does the new wheel have the 'view'button on it?
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    Facelift Two problems

    Just to add... once a seatbelt has fired the material in the belt is compromised. There are usually tell tale signs from extreme abrasion or fraying etc. Using the same belt in another accident might be extremely dangerous. But if the owner is aware and bothered or not its their decision
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    Facelift Two problems

    Has your car been repaired? Obviously something is not right when some idiot has fitted a resistor to fool the air bag system that the seat belt is igniter is fitted. No Audi nor any insurance approved bodyshop would do this. Its 100% wrong and dangerous as you seatbelt is now not connected to...
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    Never had an issue with ECP, I buy there known brand items and cross ref them o the OE website. Always been fine. I use oil from TPS as i get a discount there. If there car is still under warranty then i use TPS. Lot of the OEM stuff is either Mann, Mahle, etc with the audi/vw logo on it. Only...
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    2016 Xenon to LED retrofit

    2016 A3 8V model which currently has xenons fitted, can the led headlights be fitted easily enough? Does anyone have the coding changes that need to be done? Any help appreciated thanks
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    A3 8V BCM Replacement

    Not if its done online with ODIS. Shouldn't be an issue.
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    Who 'chiptuned' his A3 E-Tron

    Ive got an e-tron but not chipped it so cant say. Wife y drives it and is more than happy with the power at the moment. There i a local tuner who can tune the e-tron and revert it back if unhappy.
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    S3 2015 PFL part info help

    8V0615425 £100.13 same one one used on both sides
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    Damaged center console trim.

    whats your reg no, i'll get you the correct part no's for your chassis no.
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    PLEASE HELP. Rear seat cover

    chances are its printed/ tagged on the rear of the actual fabric
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    PLEASE HELP. Rear seat cover

    Do you know what car his seat is from? 3dr, 5dr saloon etc? I think the part numbers for the actual cover are under the sponge so pretty much impssible to see unless the seat is torn apart. do you have reg no or chassis no etc from the donor car as i can check part no if you get them
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    Facelift Facelift S3 Steering wheel retrofit issue?

    Mine did as the car was already a facelift as added the flat bottom steering.
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    Facelift Facelift S3 Steering wheel retrofit issue?

    Ive done the same; The 'view' button loses the menu function on a non VC car. Use your original buttons and it works fine.
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    Engine Oil

    Quantum 5w 30 Longlife 03 507.00 spec
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    Audi A3 8v technical help

    Sensors can easily be resued. You need to check the bonnet actuators as they have probably fired and need replacing. A proper scan is needed instead of guess work.
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    Engine Oil

    Pretty sure i was told by a parts manager that the current range of Quantum oils is made by Fuchs now so it should be pretty good. I buy them in 20L packs so works out hugely cheaper