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  1. Longman

    Help. Dustcaps stuck on alloys!

    I have had this problem too. It occured when I went for new tyres. We had to cut the valves in the end as the aluminium cap corrodes istelf to the valve. I would try heat too but obviously be careful of the valves itself.... You might have to think about new valves if you can't get them off.
  2. Longman

    Le Mans......

    Karting Norde in a couple of Army tents!! We are getting there Thursday and leaving Monday....
  3. Longman

    Le Mans......

    Yes mate, there are 5 of us going. A few from the SCN forum are going too. Hope the weather is good!!
  4. Longman

    Heights of audi sport

    6' 5"......13.5 Stone.
  5. Longman

    Word Association Game .. . . .

  6. Longman

    Word Association Game .. . . .

    Paris (hilton)