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  1. jonmusicman


    Why did God give woman thrush? So they could learn to live with an irritating **** before marring one!
  2. jonmusicman


    Mate, that's fantastic. I sell cameras for a living and it WILL be a BIG seller!!!
  3. jonmusicman

    Medical term...

    Question: What's the medical term for the fatty tissue surrounding the clitoris? Answer: The wife!!!
  4. jonmusicman


    Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear that sun tan line is terrible! lol
  5. jonmusicman

    I give you the Christmas Elfs

    That's fantastic. Just sent it to everyone in my address book!!!
  6. jonmusicman

    Limited Edition Oxo cube

    Oxo are bringing out a new cube to mark England's defeat. It's got a red and white rapper. It's called a laughing stock!!!
  7. jonmusicman

    ****-sucking frog

    A man returns from the Amazon with a ****-sucking frog. Wife asks "what am I supposed to do with that?" Man says "teach it to cook then f#*k off".