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  1. prt57

    Crankshaft oil seal leak

    Hi, I have popped in from the 8P forum where I have a stage 2+ S3. My son has a TT with en EA888 gen 1 engine APR stage 1/2. Two weeks ago, he had an RTS dual friction clutch fitted and is in the middle of running it in. At the same time thinking of preventative maintenance, he had the latest...
  2. prt57

    Extreme Parking

    I have an S3 8P and a mk 4 GTi and so popped in from the S3 8P forum. Very pleased to read this thread as I have been worrying about parking for about 21 years since when I first bought the GTi. I always look for the best spot to park and have been known to drive away if there is nothing that...
  3. prt57

    Facelift Ordered without a test drive!

    Back in 1998 we were driving Rover Metros. I fancied a new Golf GTI 1.8T and there were none available to test drive. The closest I got was to sit in a car that was sold. The Recaros felt great in comparison to my Metro rubbish and so the car was ordered. Never looked back as I still have the...
  4. prt57

    S3 Tailpipe Corrosion

    I polish them up with NXT then give them a liberal coating of WD40 on a piece of kitchen roll. It has kept our TT sparkling for 3 years now.
  5. prt57

    Revo remap stage 1 complete

    My son had the Revo carbon intake on his Golf 7R and he was disappointed. Even though he fitted it carefully, a number of rub marks appeared on the carbon fibre from other pieces of hardware. In the end he sold it. You can get a similar effect regarding getting air directly into the filter box...
  6. prt57

    Extreme Parking

    I have got it really bad with my S3. I will only park it in a place where I can guarantee no car can come close to my car. This is an inherited condition. Sadly, my eldest son is badly affected too! He knows where all the individual parking spaces are found in car parks for miles around.
  7. prt57

    Extreme Parking

    Years ago, I went to the motor cycle museum Near Birmingham. Normal car park did not have any safe spaces so I found the overflow car park. No body else there so I had the whole area to myself. I came back an hour later and some t****had broken into my car! I still look for safe spaces even...
  8. prt57

    S3 / golf 7 R clutch

    The warranty states 6.5k miles. The gamble is that VW tell you that the bill to take it to pieces will be approx £600 and if they find that the driver has caused the damage you can add in the bill for the parts. However, if it is faulty, the bill will be covered. It is a gamble but I think the...
  9. prt57

    S3 / golf 7 R clutch

    The car has done 7000 miles. Isn't the rsr clutch from USA? He is going to the Audi driver event tomorrow to get more information
  10. prt57

    S3 / golf 7 R clutch

    Hi, I normally lurk on the 8P forum where I have an S3 @ APR stage 2+. My son has a 2016 Golf 7 R with a manual gearbox which will be the same as an S3 8V. The clutch is slipping and it is unlikely that VW will stand by the warranty due to the mileage. As he wants to have a remap he might as...