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  1. spartacus68

    Torque settings - front spring replacement

    Draper and Laser make a tool specifically for this. We’re talking a few mm. Invaluable tool for what it is. Because it’s on a 1/2” ratchet socket, it’s easy to turn to spread. Use a little engine oil to lube before you rebuild.
  2. spartacus68

    Torque settings - front spring replacement

    Got to be US. Seems excessive, to swap out entire strut, spring and top mount assembly. Looks like Unity specialise in this approach. Again, tapping out the pinch bolt with a ratchet. Stuff of dreams. The car is probably Arizona based, and only sees water when it’s washed...
  3. spartacus68

    Torque settings - front spring replacement

    Those links for the upper and lower arms are on Dave Sterl’s site on YouTube and are very comprehensive, including torque values from ETKA site. Also Autodoc’s video. I doubt any of it will come apart as easily as this. :) The pinch bolt is well documented. Replace as a matter of course and...
  4. spartacus68

    Strange Noise

    The central exhaust clamp what’s it like? I fitted a Mikalor stainless steel clamp. This is a known weak point on VAG cars. Chances are you’ll need an angle grinder to take it off, if it’s not toast already and crumbles in your hands. Could also be heat shields, the alloy fasteners give up due...
  5. spartacus68

    Scan results with a few codes showing

    I don’t know anything about electric damping which is a separate fault on VCDS, but is G78 error similar to headlight self levelling? The sensors on xenon headlight cars are left front and rear on the lower arms. They are fairly flimsy plastic parts, so road salt, pot holes and such like all...
  6. spartacus68

    Rear Parking Sensor failure - AUDI A4 S LINE TFSI S-A

    If you know someone with VCDS, then get the car scanned. It will reveal if just a sensor issue or something bigger linked to a module. Pointless chasing the fault down any other way. Did the same with my wife’s i3 in the summer which has park assist. It has PMA (park manoeuvre assist) sensors in...
  7. spartacus68

    Is it a write off

    There are YouTube channels I watch such as Serious about Salvage or Saving Salvage. Some of the repairs run into thousands of pounds, between sourcing parts, stripping, fitting and painting. Looking at this, without really seeing the true extent of the damage (such as where the wing attaches)...
  8. spartacus68

    S4 All Season Tyres

    Been running my A4 Allroad with Michelin Cross Climates + and can’t fault them. Were had temperatures as low as -12 this winter and had around 6-8” of snow. Quattro drive makes a difference. If you can afford it, then spare alloys and winter tyres would be perfect combination.
  9. spartacus68

    Help with MMI and navigation please?

    This comes up a lot. Read the entire thread (better get some black coffee). From my experience, then I went down the Ebay route and got memory cards, including Firmware update. The update can take a while, so a trickle charge to the battery is worthwhile. Read my post #128. Just confirm your...
  10. spartacus68

    Boot Light and other issues

    Check the fuse for the rear demister, the light on the dash may be completely separate. The fact the boot light illuminates then goes off means it’s getting positive feed, but could be a chaff in the wire? Wiring enters the rear hatch via hinge, I think on the right. Might be worth exploring...
  11. spartacus68

    Rear hand brake solenoid 330mm discs

    Put the rear calipers in the service position, with VCDS, with battery on trickle charge while you do it. Remove brake sliders, unplug wiring harness. There's a couple of torx heads that hold it to the caliper if memory serves. Whip of and fit the new one. Use a little lithium grease on the...
  12. spartacus68

    Rear jarring over bumps

    Have you checked the rear suspension bottom spring seats? Pretty sure just on avants, but worth a look. The rubber seat deteriorates as the alloy internal corrodes. Also check any misting on the rear struts.
  13. spartacus68

    Actuator stuck on turbo

    No idea regards what could bend the turbine blade. It was just the one blade, and there’s no evidence of any other damage. The air is filtered (stock filter) but that said I’ve removed the air filter and vacuumed the area directly below and the odd wasp or fly seems to have made it though from...
  14. spartacus68

    Actuator stuck on turbo

    I‘ll take that as a compliment! :iagree: Good fun stripping it down. It’s probably toast with that damaged turbine even although it’s all cleaned up and reassembled. I’ll hold on to it, if it goes Pete Tong in another 70k miles at 20 years old I’ll stick it back in.
  15. spartacus68

    Actuator stuck on turbo

    Another pictures of it cleaned. Note the damage to the blade.
  16. spartacus68

    Actuator stuck on turbo

    Turbo stripped down. Some interesting discoveries. 1/ The turbo didn't have a huge amount of carbon build up, and importantly the vane mechanism moved okay before it was cleaned. There was a little corrosion on turbo body behind the second turbine from air intake. 2/ I've still to test...
  17. spartacus68

    Quattro Transmission failure

    You really need to get it on ramps. Probably a clutch and flywheel issue if you have zero drive, but sounds catastrophic if getting a grinding noise. I’m surprised too at 155k, keep us posted.
  18. spartacus68

    Actuator stuck on turbo

    Got the car fixed by a local indy. Not bad for £260 for 4 hours labour, but I supplied new turbo at £550 +VAT, Elring fitting kit from Germany, another £24, new oil filter and sump plug from Audi, £18 and 5 litres of Castrol Edge 5w30, £45. I can recommend for the...
  19. spartacus68

    Actuator stuck on turbo

    Latest update. New Garret turbo has arrived. £400 cheaper than Audi. Just waiting on gasket kit.