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  1. jonmusicman

    Sony K800i phone cradle for sale

    Just a quick post to say I'm selling my phone cradle for my Sony K800i on ebay. If anyone ins interested? Many thanks
  2. jonmusicman

    7 speed auto

    Can anyone tell me which auto gearbox is 7 speed? I may need to move to an auto in the near future. Which engines is it normally fitted to? Many thanks
  3. jonmusicman

    New A4 B8

    Has anyone had a test drive in the new A4 B8? I have just driven the 1.8T SE and I must admit, it does look very nice. There is so much more room compared to the B7. I think the dash looks very modern but feels cheap and there are loads of buttons. My other BIG gripe are the peddles. They are...
  4. jonmusicman

    Anyone Help Please ???

    I got my chrome mirrors from... They took a total of 30 minutes to fit!
  5. jonmusicman

    ECU Software Upgrade?

    When my 2.0tdi was serviced last year I was told the same about the remap however they told me that it was because drivers were having clutch problems due to the torque of the engine. They actually mentioned the 1.9tdi had the same problem.
  6. jonmusicman

    Best phone for Audi factory kit

    I'm having problems with my Sony K800i dropping the BT connection so I think it's time to change it (only 2 months old). Can anyone recommend a good phone? I sold a Nokia 6320i (I think) and you could set lights on, auto answer and it linked direct in to the the Audi phone kit with the cradle...
  7. jonmusicman

    My A4 S-line with Coilovers installed

    Hi Andy, it looks stunning but what the f-f-f-f-flippin' eck are the coil overs?
  8. jonmusicman

    Sony Phone Cradles. A word of warning

    For some reason I cannot get my K800 to "auto answer" in bluetooth. I've set the car profile and set auto but it doesn't work. Any ideas?
  9. jonmusicman

    Sony Phone Cradles. A word of warning

    To all you drivers wanting an Audi phone cradle for your Sony K800, forget it!!! Today I have spoken to three dealers and Audi customer service (who were less than useless) and it seems there is more chance of winning the lottery twice in a week than getting one of these! No one can give any...
  10. jonmusicman

    Nokia 6230i with Audi phone cradle on eBay

    I've just listed on eBay my Nokia 6230i & Audi phone cradle for the "On dash holder". Item number 230201658359 Just upgraded to a Sony K800i so the Nokia's gotta go!!!
  11. jonmusicman

    Phone question

    OK guys and girls, a very simple question. What phone do you use with the Audi own factory fitted on dash phone kit? I want to change my Nokia 6230i but don't know what is available, any ideas? It MUST have BIG buttons!!!
  12. jonmusicman

    Audi accessories

    Does anyone know where Audi Accessories have gone to? I've had a search but could not find them. Any ideas? Cheers
  13. jonmusicman

    Audi iPod connection

    Hi Dan, I had the Ipod link fitted by my dealer, it was a lot less hassle!!!
  14. jonmusicman

    Phone cradles

    Does anyone know what NEW phones can fit the Audi dash mounted holder? I am currently using a Nokia 6230i which I want to sell and want to upgrade to a Sony (I think). Many thanks
  15. jonmusicman

    New A4 (B8) pics. Do people even have 56k Internet any more?

    I just had a quick look and the back does look like a 3 series. But it does look good though!!! Sorry to start this topic again but I think it looks fantastic in white
  16. jonmusicman

    Ipod link

    I'm sure I've asked this before but here goes... I had the Audi Ipod link fitted by my dealer. If I play (for example) playlist 1 and then turn the stereo off then back on it again it plays and shows playlist 1. If I turn off the ignition then back on again the playlist shows the figure...
  17. jonmusicman

    Daylight running lights no rear lights ?

    This VAG com sounds a very impressive piece of kit, what else can it do? orry if this is a dumb question.
  18. jonmusicman

    A4 2.0 TDi economy, what are people getting?

    Sorry I should have put 531 miles on the last tank. Better but not fantastic
  19. jonmusicman

    A4 2.0 TDi economy, what are people getting?

    Nearly empted the tank today. I got 431 miles which I guess is poor? I'm only doing town driving at the moment though.
  20. jonmusicman

    A4 2.0 TDi economy, what are people getting?

    I've been thinking mine is not all that good really. Its now done 14500 miles (4500 from me getting it) but I will check and and post the answer soon. What is every one getting on a tank?