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    Weird one.... Car mysteriously cut out?

    Its unlikely i know but the bit where you talk about the EPC light staying on, and the car running weird, this happened to me recently when my battery finally decided to give up. Admittedly my battery was 7 years old, but was fine until the car had to go and be repaired in a bodyshop, and so...
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    Clutch slave cylinder or master cylinder ?

    UNfortuately not...on an 8L A3 to change the slave cylinder (which also encompasses the clutch release bearing) its a full front suspension subframe drop and gearbox out job...put it all back together and then full susp realignment recommended. Typically minimum of 5ish hours labour...could be...
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    tt wishbones

    Here's my 2p tt wishbones are the same as S3 wishbones. Certainly the later model variants are forged and suposedly lighter than standard A3 1.8T or 1,8 TQ wishbones. However the main benefit is the ball joint arrangement is different compared to 1.8T and the ball joint/wishbone interface is...
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    nightmare, still clutch problem

    Aky, Out of interest for future work, who and where was the place you took yours to for the clutch...£30 an hour is more tempting than £49.50 an hour at Awesome.
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    nightmare, still clutch problem

    Rick, 10 hours is book as others have said, just the pure mechanics of disassembly/reassembly and rebleed even with a no problems i would say is 4-4.5 hours...but you'll have to find a real trusted back street garage to quote on those labour hours. The 10 hours figure will also/should also...
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    Clutch, Defcon stage 2 and ARBs fitted

    HTC, How are you going to fit the defcon kit to your A3?...are you going to put on a set of S3/TT wishbones...or do the A3 wishbones have similar OD for the bushes as the S3 wishbones?...i'm intrigued...tell us more if you would.
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    Diagram of the ecu wiring harness

    ant, Send me a pm with an email address and i'll send you the wiring diagram for a Post Nov 2001, S3 ECU. If yours isn't that new, please specify and i've got the previous years if you need them.
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    How do I reset the service indicator?

    Just add my 2p... The following 3 images are straight from ElsaWin, which is what the stealerships use themselves. If you read through the images, the upshot is that if your car is on LongLife servicing regime (30000km max mileage, max 2 years interval), then as of MY00 (Sept 99ish) then if...
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    Clutch Issue

    Just make sure that Lancaster Audi don't pull the wool over your eyes.....i've a very low opinion of the stealers in general...but have yet to hear any positive customer feedback about Lancaster's. I'm convinced from what you say its the master cylinder...and it would not surprise me if an audi...
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    Clutch Issue

    Think i might be able to offer some advice here.... Looking around the tt forum there are lots of posts on this, and from what you describe this could well be a faulty clutch master cylinder on the way out. Have a look at this thread for starters...
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    1998 audi a3 1.8t, misfiring problem

    Here you go, check out this thread Looks like Dave B had this problem, but Rich's problem solved itself eventually.
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    has anyone put the Audi TT competition wheels on their A3?

    :) Did somebody ring........ I like this one..... My opinion......i think they look excellent...rare as anything on an A3....OK so maybe some of the Mk3/4 crowd have done this to death...however i have to say in NW region /Manchester i have yet to see a single non TT car...
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    Advice please....... (be warned its a long story)

    It wasn't the MAP sensor was it? (Manifold Air Pressure) sensor.....
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    n13nhb, You need to actually login to the site to get search for ALL forums!, as a guest it only does the A3/S3 and a few other forums. HTH
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    Starting Problems - 1.8TQ

    petewon, simonwjones The 115k miles is not a typo believe it or the following about the research i did on this last year.............. Think you guys need to look at the research i've done and posted up on the tt-forum....have a read of the below. (dont's forget S3s use a...
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    My New wheels + Tyres

    These are Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta tyres...they are asymmetrical but not directional. There's a write up on them in the May Audi Driver magazine and they get a very positive review. Where did you source the wheels and tyres from dgannon? The tread is very unusual...apparentely deisgned in...
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    ECS Adjustable Camber kit.

    I'm with DPM and Ess_three on this, tie bars are the way to go, ECS ones aren't too bad at about £220 from Awesome. I know they look a bit heath robinson....but they do a sound job.....i think they'll last a long time.....and your camber will be spot on
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    Removing scuttle panel please

    Mo, It's all of a sudden started to come in to the driver side footwell....never happened before in 5.5 years....seems to be coming down around where the bonnet release lever least thats where you can see evidence of the trickle. So all i need is my hands to prise the trim off...or...
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    Removing scuttle panel please

    I need to check my drain holes, since i've gpt water coming into the car, looking through old threads it seems the drain holes could be blocked and i think they are under the scuttle trim at the bottom of the windscreen. Apart from removing the wiper arms and the rubber edging that is inside the...
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    pic request: TT Competition alloys on S3

    Did somebody ring........ I like this one..... My opinion......i think they look excellent...rare as anything on an A3....OK so maybe some of the Mk3/4 crowd have done this to death...however i have to say in NW region /Manchester i have yet to see a single non TT car wearing...