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  1. Bensons3

    Q5 Audi Q5 rear light upgrade

    Hi I have got a 2009 audi Q5 and i am interested in changing the rear lights from non LED to a set of 2009 (59) LED rear lights, I wanted to know the procedure is it simply a plug and play thing, or do you need to re code them? if yes what would be the coding for this? any help would be...
  2. Bensons3

    Fill me up..

  3. Bensons3

    interior led lights

    I am interested in doing this too, does anyone know of a good tutorial for the led upgrade?
  4. Bensons3

    Not sure i could do this to my s3!

    Audi A3 erste 8P Ratte....Ever! - YouTube :blink:
  5. Bensons3

    2008 s3 head lights problems

    yeah haha;):);)
  6. Bensons3

    2008 s3 head lights problems

    I have just got the car back form the stealers! ended up being a sensor on the back axle of the car. not too bad as got a new a3 tdi for the day and the s3 got a full wash and polish only cost £36. ;)
  7. Bensons3

    2008 s3 head lights problems

    Hi, I have a 2008 audi s3 3dr and am having a lot of trouble with the headlights, I seams when driving at night with the lights on low beam they just are not looking forward enough. I just cant find am adjuster anywhere?? i know they are auto adjust but its actually hard to drive at the minute...
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