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  1. Battlekrapz

    Another fuel thread - bear with me...

    I never believe what the stealership tells me, they don't have a clue. All they care about is getting your money off of you.
  2. Battlekrapz

    Launch without launch control

    I have a great solution --- buy a manual :whistle2:
  3. Battlekrapz

    Not happy

    That is disgusting, i can't imagine my feeling if i saw this happening to my s3.. I'd Probably cry. I hope you get it sorted and you can move on.
  4. Battlekrapz

    Uhhhh Ohhhh

    Ewwwwwww i hate seeing that... Painful indeed :/. After pic please to subdue the pain.
  5. Battlekrapz

    Orderd new s3

    Mine was moved forward by a month even though they pretty much said it wasn't going to be the case..this was when they started making s3's.. I'd say there's a fair chance it'll move forward for you too but don't quote me on that.
  6. Battlekrapz

    New S3 - road trip

    Less expensive if smashed especially...
  7. Battlekrapz

    New S3 - road trip

    Passing next to where i live :) The E40 (if you take it) in Belgium is notorious for radars ... And hidden mobile cameras... Beware. The road surface is also quite bad, concrete motorways.
  8. Battlekrapz

    Deletion of Model/Designation?

    Oh for peet sake stay on topic, at least the original topic was funny whereas this petrol vs diesel is boring as heck... Make your own topic instead of hijacking this funny one.
  9. Battlekrapz

    B&O Crackling - How common?

    B&O in s3 and listen to sd cards, all sorts of tunes and can't hear crackling... Car is not UK it's BE...
  10. Battlekrapz

    Could somebody with an 8V 3dr do me a favour please?

    Oh ok that sucks then :(
  11. Battlekrapz

    Could somebody with an 8V 3dr do me a favour please?

    Sorry not trying to be funny but why dont you go measure it by yourself at the dealership? I'm sure they wouldn't mind at all? Not being funny again but you could even bring your mum's wheelchair and try to fit it?
  12. Battlekrapz

    Deletion of Model/Designation?

    Just get rid of the car :)
  13. Battlekrapz

    Deletion of Model/Designation?

    More people wanted to race me when i had my white 2.0l tdi than they do now i have my estoril blue s3... Perhaps the colour? I personally want people to see it's an s3 and i could care less about jealous people. If the car gets stolen i'll just get a new one, if it gets keyed i'll respray... I...
  14. Battlekrapz

    2013 Audi S3

    This evening i had a BMW m3 hot on my tail and i have to say i gave him a run for his money, i was pleasantly surprised as he was obviously trying hard to keep up with me on twisty roads. Got a little flash and a thumbs up from him :), made my day.
  15. Battlekrapz

    Feedback from those with S3s now

    I'm bringing my car in tomorrow to a professional car valeting company in order to get my baby polished and to get a teflon sealant done. The polishing should remove all micro scratches that my dealership offered to me when receiving my car... Bastds... 375 euros for the pleasure and a whole...
  16. Battlekrapz

    DIS symbol?

    Yes :cold: and also for the beauty of the place :whistle2:
  17. Battlekrapz

    DIS symbol?

    French living in Brussels :) :beerchug:
  18. Battlekrapz

    Should be safe enough!

    That's one option but even though i think of myself as a gentle kind of person; I think i'd get violent if this happened to me, i'd probably thump their bonnet, dent it like mad then leave.
  19. Battlekrapz

    DIS symbol?

    On fait ça en France? Bah merde, je savais pas :D Oki, well that's news to me !! :))