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  1. Shortyian

    Post your eBay finds,for sale items and classifieds links also WANTED stuff

    Hi....... Each to their own but on such a critical part i wouldn't risk trying to save a small amount like £30 or £40. The genuine parts aren't that much more than the ones on eBay. I think my parts from the dealer were around £140 if i remember right most of the cost is in the labour to replace...
  2. Shortyian

    Goodbye, Cherrio & Toodle-loo

    Hi, thanks! Yeah i know where you’re coming from - i would agree the A3 feels a bit more solid interior wise and pips it. But i quite like mine still - it’s a change, No fake carbon fibre in mine its like a brushed alloy look I’ve a 7speed dct (auto) so no gear stick at all I’ve got flappy...
  3. Shortyian

    Goodbye, Cherrio & Toodle-loo

    Hello, thanks - yeah the a35 saloon looks very nice - i’ve bought it but no via merc dealer so have no idea i’m afraid. Ah yeah i know, will have a peek at the forum every now and again, just a little cherrio for a while
  4. Shortyian

    Goodbye, Cherrio & Toodle-loo

    Just wanted to say a quick goodbye to everyone - after my beloved A3 S-Line Sportback was written off by an absolute plonker i'm moving on to pastures new. This forum has been great, it's a fantastic little community and it's a real shame to leave. After getting a C-class as a hire car i've...
  5. Shortyian

    RIP to my Daytona Grey S-Line 2.0tdi :(

    Someone just sent me this - Scary to think that if the idiot hit me a millisecond earlier this would of been what my car would of looked like. Have to be so thankful that my Mrs to be is ok and that he hit the rear axle instead of square on the doors. Anyway onward and upward - I've just picked...
  6. Shortyian

    Post your eBay finds,for sale items and classifieds links also WANTED stuff

    Genuine Daytona Grey Touch up paint / kit - brand new still sealed.
  7. Shortyian

    Post your eBay finds,for sale items and classifieds links also WANTED stuff

    Genuine A3 8V boot / trunk storage net - great for stopping things rolling around in the boot - sold the car so no longer required looks like new:
  8. Shortyian

    RIP to my Daytona Grey S-Line 2.0tdi :(

    You would think so but the Police weren't interested in in pursuing anything - despite how blatantly obvious it was that he showed no regard for rules of the road. My car was blocking the main road so they helped guide traffic until recovery turned up and that was it. They didn't smell anything...
  9. Shortyian

    RIP to my Daytona Grey S-Line 2.0tdi :(

    I always thought i would be like that if involved in a non fault accident. To be honest my other half was out giving him a verbal tyraid - i was still sat there stunned for a minute or so sat in the smokey haze! I think i was just so happy that my Fiancee wasnt seriously hurt i didn't feel any...
  10. Shortyian

    RIP to my Daytona Grey S-Line 2.0tdi :(

    Thanks, yeah i've been looking at Merc A class or cla - bit hard as i know the Audi's inside and out Merc's is venturing into uncharted waters!
  11. Shortyian

    RIP to my Daytona Grey S-Line 2.0tdi :(

    Its with a heavy heart i say RIP to my baby, my 2013 2.0tdi S-line in daytona grey written off with only 37,000 miles on the clock. The politest name to call the driver at fault is nothing short of an absolute idiot. Instead of slowing down to stop at a cross roads / give way junction he...
  12. Shortyian

    2015 Audi A3 TDI - Major Service

    Hello, I've done mine for many years now - see below threads :chuncky:
  13. Shortyian

    Crosswinds - do you feel safe in your A3 8V FL at highway speeds?

    I understand where you are coming from, recent weather in North East England has been very gusty every now and again, at high speed on motorways i do feel the car moving with crosswinds and on high level / exposed bridges. But i think this is the same case for any car really - all cars will move...
  14. Shortyian

    Water pump question

    Intersting, mines getting done in next few weeks, 2013 2.0TDI 150bhp no mention of any of this. Cambelt and Water pump each quote. £600-£750 from audi in north east depending on offers. Prestige german motors in south shields quote £460 cambelt & water pump. Swift engineering in newcastle was...
  15. Shortyian

    DIY Oil change - A3 8V 2.0 TDI 150ps (vag ea228 engine)

    Another year has flown over and just completed full DIY service saving a fortune over dealer price & still saving a decent wedge over a normal garage. Has anyone else attempted this given that our PFL A3 8V’s are well past 3 year warranty stage now? Thought more people may have attempted but no...
  16. Shortyian

    DIY Fuel Filter - A3 8V 2.0 TDI 150ps (vag ea228 engine)

    Another year has come and gone. Another full service completed. Anyone else attempted this yet? Old fuel filter was suprisingly discoloured after only 9k miles, well worth doing in my opinion ever year given the cost of the filter.
  17. Shortyian

    A3 Trim Levels

    Hi, don't quote me but I don't think you can get heated front windscreen at all on any audi's yet - ford hold the patent and i think its only Mercedes that paid them to be able to use it. The patent expires soon i remember reading somewhere so most manufactures will have this in upcoming years...
  18. Shortyian

    Tdi fuel filler insert

    Mine looks exactly the same as yours, to be honest i remember filling up somewhere before a number of months ago and the nozzle was quite tight too, maybe just that particular pump??? Never happened to me since
  19. Shortyian

    Wipers moving

    Yeah mine does this twitch too!
  20. Shortyian

    Oil filter change

    Yes ....... Here you go, my 'walk through' from when i did my oil change with photo's: I also did one for the fuel filter...