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  1. airbil

    Ipod Connectivity to A6 Allroad 2006

    You will probably need to upgrade the mmi firmware to get the ami to connect. Discs from the dealer probably cost only about 5 pounds. Ami's can be found for less money on ebay. And, butofcourse, the longer you wait the less expensive and easier things become.
  2. airbil

    V10 S6

    The ride is very firm. I mean very firm. I happen to prefer that but most folk's don't. It's an awesome motorcar.
  3. airbil

    TTRS Coils

    Hello Audi-sport net, I have more or less stumbled in here in search of the part number for the TTRS coils. Unfortunately the USA will not get the TTRS ... but we do have some highly modified five cylinder turbo's running around who may benefit from what we hope may be the holy grail of coils...