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  1. Pieterw

    What Camera kit do you have?

    2 x Canon 5 D M2 24-70 F2.8 50 F 1.8 70-200 F 2.8 135 F 2 Speedlights, extenders, tripod etc etc
  2. Pieterw

    Photoshoot Mpumalanga S3 8V

    Tx Ghost appreciate ;)
  3. Pieterw

    S3 Register

    Lol what about the car :blahblah1::blahblah1:
  4. Pieterw

    S3 Register

    Received my S3 Sportback today
  5. Pieterw

    The Wait.....

    Are you complaining ? I am waiting since 3 October - hopefully my S3 will be here Thursday :arco:
  6. Pieterw

    S3 tow bar

    It's a pity. My sales rep ensured me that it is possible to fit an aftermarket tow bar.
  7. Pieterw

    Those who own new S3s, have you seen another on the road?!

    Haven't seen any S3 Sportback 5 doors around yet. Have seen one 3 door in Pretoria. Picking up my Sportback on Saturday - can't wait !!
  8. Pieterw

    The car after the one you have (or have on order)...

    Ordered the S3 Sportback (delivery this coming Wednesday) Will wait for the new RS3 available in a years time - that's the one !!!!
  9. Pieterw

    S3 drivers age group

    Gee you are a bunch of young lads. I am 47 and will receive my S3 in 2 weeks time. Also have a Superbike to keep me young and alive :p
  10. Pieterw

    MTM M-Cantronic 8V S3

    Audi S3 8V Tuning - 2,0 TFSI 221 kW (300hp) Quattro
  11. Pieterw

    True speed tests S3 South Africa (206 kw)

    True speed is a company doing true speed tests on several models to see the variance on the supplier figures. This is also done at altitude +- 1350 m. The performance results not to bad for a detuned S3 at altitude. Have a look : Audi S3 2.0 TFSI Quattro S tronic Also see the test on the C63...
  12. Pieterw

    Why you chose your S3 Sportback or 3 door

    Will always buy Spotback. 3 doors absolutely unpractical in all ways, especially with passangers.
  13. Pieterw

    Feedback from those with S3s now

    Thanks for these reports guys. Reading everyone with interrest. Mine will be at Port on 17 january (that is coming Friday). If all goes well I will have my car before month end. Reading these reports does not make the wait easieer ........
  14. Pieterw

    Amalfi White & Amalfi White side by side

    Tx :thumbsup:
  15. Pieterw

    2013 Audi S3

    Nice, and how do you feel --- happy ????? Congrats on your new car :beerchug:
  16. Pieterw

    Amalfi White & Amalfi White side by side

    I ordered Glacier, hope it's not to bad
  17. Pieterw

    What was the real reason you decided to order your Audi S3

    I have been thinking along these line for a while. We all have different reasons why you would buy a certain kind of car. Personally I had t buy a new one due to my motorplan on the Merc expiered. Agter doing some homework decided on the Merc A 250 Sport. Ordered it and saw the S3 a few months...
  18. Pieterw

    Flat bottomed steering wheel (non sport)?

    You can buy plenty on e-bay as well, very reasonable price