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    Facelift Steering Coding?

    That would be great. Thank you. It's getting some body work sorted and I would be able to come to you hopefully in a couple of weeks? Part numbers are identical. If you could pm me with your number to arrange. Very much appreciated. Regards Dennis
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    Facelift Steering Coding?

    Just replace my electric steering with a secondhand unit because of accident. Steering seems to be working fine. Does anyone know who can re code/flash the steering to get rid of warning lights? Thank you on advance.
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    Engine not staying on

    Same problem with maf unplugged. No error codes with scan.
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    Engine not staying on

    Can anyone help please. My 2008 2.0tdi A6 has a problem. It starts ok but after a few seconds it stalls/engine dies. I've had the maf off for some body work and reinstalled. Always starts with no problem. Thank you in advance.
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    Headlamp washer covers?

    A6 Avant- Could anyone please tell me if a non s line headlamp washer caps/covers are the same as s line models of the same year (2008) Thank you in advance.
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    Pre facelift to facelift conversion?

    Just bought a 57 plate pre facelift A6 avant with front damage. Just wondering before I start buying parts- is the facelift version parts a simple bolt on conversion? What parts are different -ie wings, bonnet, headlights, bumper etc???? Thank you in advance
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    SP2 to SP3 front end conversion

    Can anyone please help in informing me whats needed to transform a 55 A3 3 door (big grill)front end to a latest SP3 front end possibly an S3. I have just bought a 3.2 (not S line!)with front end damage.
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    A6 TDi multitronic excessive MPG

    Im only getting 36MPG from my 2003 1.9 TDi A6 multitronic avant 100k miles. Most of its time is spent on the motorway doing a steady 85 mph. Anyone else having this problem or is this the norm? Thinking of remapping/chipping which hopefully will improve things.
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    A6 Interior/Seats interchangabilty

    Hi. I have a 2003 A6 avant and was wondering if a 2006 interior would fit with or without modification?
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    A6 cambelt change

    Just bought an A6 1.9 Tdi auto with 99000 on the clock. It had a cambelt change at 50k. When is the next cambelt change. I think it might be now? How much would it expect to cost from a specialist? Do i need anything else changed at the same time? Thanks if anyone can help.
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    Hi from denA6

    Just to say hello. First time on any forum. Bought an 2003 1.9 TDi A6 Avant auto yesterday- so far very pleased. Still inquiring about re-map/chip upgrades. Top of list is Chipped uk ST3. Anyone with other ideas?