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    S3 to Cayman?

    Having owned a Cayman S Sport (2009 plate) and now owning an 8v S3 I can tell you that it's not all about the numbers. As a drivers car the Cayman beats the S3 in EVERY aspect as far as I was concerned. Not saying the S3 is rubbish but the Cayman was that good! Ok the S3 feels quicker on...
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    Saloon A3 over the new TT

    I would say Harry's A5 is the best looking car in our bit mate. The only time my drive has a properly nice looking car in it is when my mate visits with his M3 coupe ;)
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    If not an S3....

    I would probably buy a Fiesta ST to have some fun and another car for running about in tbh.
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    What have you done to your 8V today?

    You're right! Maybe the forum mods could sort that out!
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    What have you done to your 8V today?

    Yesterday a "kind, considerate" HGV driver decided to force me onto a kerb and put a split in the wall of my front tyre. So TODAY I used it as an excuse to get a full set of Goodyear Eagle F1 A/S 2s on her. I am happy to be rid of the bank however......
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    S3 Continentals

    Those tyre tests were often done on a track in Italy. I live in the north east of Scotland. I can only go by experience but on my 2006 Focus ST, 2009 Focus RS and on my current S3 I have found the various conti sport contact tyres lacking. Each car I have run Goodyears on (the 2006 ST, 2009 RS a...
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    S3 Continentals

    Conti Sport contact 5s - not a great tyre. Never liked any Contis tbh Will be switching to Goodyear Eagle F1 A/S2 soon. That is a great tyre and not badly priced either.
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    What Should Audi Do To Improve The 8V A3 / S3

    Better pedal position Better brake pedal (so that you can heal and toe without slamming the brakes on) Not cutting the engine out if you tap the brake (can'tdo trail braking to keep it from understeering) Better tyres! Better rear end set up (either more power or easier lift off oversteer to let...
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    What's this button for?

    If you turn that button clockwise it mutes your wife/ girlfriend meaning that your drive is moan free!! ;)
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    S3 Age and Mileage

    11 months. 8500 miles One word....... Underwelming
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    S3 or Golf R or even an S1?

    There is one good point on the other forum....2nd gear is too short!!
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    Bearing in mind it is front wheel drive for about 95% of the time you don't meed to change your driving. Only real plus point is that you can put your foot to the floor coming out of roundabouts ;)
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    S3 or Golf R or even an S1?

    My best mate has a Golf R and I have driven it several times. It is slightly better on the limit but we both think that the S3 has a much better ride (his does have the 19" wheels though so that is probably the reason). In terms of day to day living the S3 takes it by quite some bit IMO. That...
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    New Rear Discs And Pads :(

    Yup. Sorry. Serves me right for using my ipad!!
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    New Rear Discs And Pads :(

    My S3 has yet to hit the 7k mark and is having it's rear brake discs and pads replaced due to bad scoring on both discs (the nearside being the worst). Not exactly what I expect from an Audi but at least they are doing it under warranty. Anyone else having problems?
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    Evo Tyre Test 2014 Rates Contisportcontact 5's As Best!

    So if the contis are the best then that is how the car is at it's best. :( Oh dear. I was hoping that when i change mine I would find the car a better drive as i had with the other car that i got rid of contis on.
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    S3 Sold, Off To Pastures New!

    Good luck with the new car mate. Thanks again for all of you help when I had problems with my door. I have no doubt that it got things resolved quicker!
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    What Colour A3 / S3 Have You Got / Ordered?

    Ice Silver - no longer an option!!
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    Do You Really Need To Wax A Brand New Car?

    My car didn't leave the showroom without being waxed. Wax protects the car from contaminates as well as (depending on the wax) UV rays which can dull the paintwork. My car gets waxed every month or so just to keep the layer between the dirt and paint as fresh as possible. Pays dividend in the...
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    S3 drivers - Unleaded vs. Super

    V power and if not a super unleaded of some type (my parents live in the country so no shell station). I never run a high performance car on std fuel. When i had a tuned focus ST (300bhp) it was on the rollers a few times, once i used reg unleaded and it was 15bhp down!!!!