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    Facelift centre console

    Cheers gents. This isn't for my S3, it's actually for my Fiesta (S3 Drive train being fitted).
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    Facelift centre console

    Just to clarify, by centre console I mean the part on the floor - not the dashboard itself.
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    Facelift centre console

    Hi all, Is it possible to retrofit the facelift gear lever and trim parts to a pre-facelift S3, or is the centre console completely different? Cheers, Mark
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    Ash - I need some parts if available: 1) Wings front and rear - these can just be cut off as I only need the wheelarch flares 2) Carpet 3) I need the exhaust tunnel cut from the shell incorporating the gear linkageand handbrake Let me know if you can help. Cheers, Mark
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    Information on the 2ns gen Haldex/Quattro system

    Hello all, I'm looking for technical information on the 8P Quattro system; specifically the gearbox and new 4-link rear suspension system. Do any of you know much about it or perhaps have a useful link? Images also gratefully received. Cheers, Mark
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    What are you on..?

    FC7 or XP.
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    A4 engine slow to heat up.

    Check the simple things first..Thermostat stuck open?
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    Anyone got 6 or 8k Xenon bulds in there S3?

    4300k is closest colour temperature to natural light and offers the best performance. Anything above this is a sacrifice. You can improve the standard units by fitting high power ballasts. A few companies in the states do this conversion.
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    S3 Advice Needed

    My 52 plate was up for 12k, it's 54k with FASH and I didn't get a single call despite this being book price for the spec! It's got all the options and is a special order RS4 colour. I've now reduced it to 10995. Bad time of year!
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    Orange RS4!!

    Quattro GmbH cars surely? Orange stiching and those matts won't come with a standard car...
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    2000 RS4 Brake setup onto 1996 A4 1.8T

    Hello Dave! I've got an S3 at the moment. In answer to your question; the S4 uses a larger front wheel bearing than FWD models, and has a larger diameter drivehaft (more, larger splines compared to FWD). I never tried a non-S4 Quattro shaft in an S4 hub - they may fit. Mark
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    2000 RS4 Brake setup onto 1996 A4 1.8T

    I tried this years ago - from memory the splines are different on Quattro driveshafts, especially between S4/RS4 and lower models; meaning you can't fit the hubs. You may be able to swap to Quattro drive shafts if the CV cup bolt pattern is the same on your gearbox.
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    B7 RS4 steering wheel onto B5 S4?

    Audi must be using dual-stage airbags by now..I'm not sure what the work-around is for those.
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    Non Facelift to Facelift S3

    My car has aluminium tailgate struts - is that standard?
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    Ollie - No need for a CNC, a regular mill will do the trick. For facing up and drilling you'd be looking at £20 absolute tops per bracket, providing you gave the engineer a drawing to work from.
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    Todays (Sunday) mod : Cruise control

    That's pretty reasonable. The kit I used does contain the Diesel loom though, which I've just advertised on ebay and currently has bids at £10 - so that can be deducted from the total.
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    How hard is it to fit wing mirrors?

    B******s - Makes me sick looking at those pictures.
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    Todays (Sunday) mod : Cruise control

    Afraid not - totally different.
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    Turbo life? How long do they last?

    A few things: 1) Smoke on the overrun 2) Smoke when accelerating after the engine has been idling for some time 3) The Turbo will be more audible than normal, and will give more of a screeching noise The above symptoms are for the turbo itself. Worn actuators usually give erratic boost, and...