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  1. krs187uk

    Is my car a write off?

    Well..... It's a now a cat c... But to be fair the insurance have made a very generous offer and i get to keep my car. I've checked and you don't even need to do a VIC check anymore so it should just be a trip to the scrapyard get another rear bumper and get a local body shop to sort the rust out..
  2. krs187uk

    Is my car a write off?

    The other guy's insurance is dealing with it.. Whatever happens i want that car back it's been the best car i've owned:cry: The question is how much will it cost me..
  3. krs187uk

    Remote Key Fob Keeps Un-Pairing

    I had this to the point where i was climbing in using the lock on the boot! Turned out it was just the battery prongs on the fob needed bending! Give that a go and good luck!
  4. krs187uk

    Is my car a write off?

    The missus had an accident in my 13 year old a4 avant with 172 k on the clock that just had it's cambelt replaced last month. The lad has admitted it was his fault and the mudflap has ripped off where there was a bit of rust there's now a hole and some bent metal. The garage has rang and said...
  5. krs187uk

    Cambelt change in manchester/stockport?

    Thanks for the offer!!! but hopefully fingers crossed i should be getting it done on Saturday, There was an awful moment last night when i thought i'd have to sell it:grumpy: Can't believe how happy i am it's getting sorted:yahoo:
  6. krs187uk

    Cambelt change in manchester/stockport?

    Just asked awesome £425! ****** hell think it might be time to sell:wtf:
  7. krs187uk

    Cambelt change in manchester/stockport?

    thanks i'll have a look.
  8. krs187uk

    Cambelt change in manchester/stockport?

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a good local indy to replace cambelt on an A4 pd130? Also what kind of cost should it be? thanks!
  9. krs187uk

    Tie Rod End removal-rusty bolts!

    Help, I've been trying to remove my outer tie rod ends and i cannot seem to get the pinch bolt out as it's seized solid. Does anyone have any suggestion on what to do? I've tried soaking in 3in1 oil, WD hitting it with a 4lb hammer and the ****** thing won't budge:wtf:
  10. krs187uk

    brake lights coming on at night when car is parked a4 b6 avant

    Hi I've just had all brakes light come on while parked up. Looking on the forum and the web it might be your brake switch?
  11. krs187uk

    Mr Muscle Turbo Clean 2.5TDI

    I've just come back from a trip to Devon and my car was really struggling below 2000rpm, How did you diagnose a faulty MAF as before i start stripping the turbo i'm wondering if there's a way to test the MAF?
  12. krs187uk

    White 3.0 Quattro Avant! Continum.

    That is a beautiful well looked after audi! What have you got planned for it?
  13. krs187uk

    Cars stranded!!

    I had the same, Try and adjust your steering wheel and push it in and lower it as it could be a loose connection. Good luck!
  14. krs187uk

    Engine Mounts

    Hi I'm looking on ebay at some of the febi mounts but there seems to be quite a few different part numbers. I need them for a Audi A4 b6 1.9 pd130. Would these do....
  15. krs187uk

    Driver's Door Lock Not Working with Key?

    after the last attempt of having to opening the boot and jumping in to reach across to put my key in the igition to re-sync, i think now's the time to ask for help. Whenever my keyfob decides to stop working (Checked battery and it's fine) i cannot use the key in the driver's door to open or...
  16. krs187uk

    air bag light

    Funny enough mines just come on. I'll have a look at the connector underneath the seat.
  17. krs187uk

    Help...18265 - Load Signal - P1857 - 35 - 10 - Error Message From ECU - Intermittant

    I had this on my A3 and it was a break in the 2 wire connector cable to the alternator. Have a look at this thread:
  18. krs187uk

    Tandem Pump Replacement

    I've just bought a 2nd hand Bosch tandem pump to replace my leaking Luk Pump (leaking diesel) I've had the pump off once before to fit some new rubbers to see if that would stop the leak but it didn't. By the looks of it there's 2 fuel lines going to the filter with metal clasps, so i've ordered...
  19. krs187uk

    1.9 tdi coolant leak fixed!

    Well got the rubber gasket from tps only comes with the large rubber gasket no figure of 8gasket. So fitted it car didn't start:banghead: got the jump leads after about 20 attempts it started:thrashi: was well chuffed! Until i checked and it's still leaking:( had a proper look and it's coming...
  20. krs187uk

    1.9 tdi coolant leak fixed!

    Well, After buying a socket set and getting the metal gasket (part Number 038145215) Finally got all 4 bolts off, The bottom one is a pain:nightmare: Got the tandem pump off and..... It's the ****** rubber one's:audibash: So i thought i wonder if the metal one will fit.. In a word no after...